Monday, May 08, 2006

Bonds, Bonds, Bonds, Bonds, Bonds

Barry Bonds makes me want to vomit. His family makes me want to vomit. ESPN makes me want to vomit.
It's not secret, and it's been often discussed here on the Affect that ESPN is locked in a downward spiral. I was watching the Event Formerly Known As Sportscenter (henceforth, EFKAS) this morning and I tuned in just in time to see Plays of the Week. There's no better time to watch PotW than baseball season to witness the dazzling array of great fielding and clutch hitting that takes place weekly in MLB. This week's PotW didn't disappoint, until we got to numero uno. And you can guess what that was.

Barry Bonds, again. Ugh. Homerun number 713, one shy of Babe Ruth. As if Bonds in and of himself doesn't turn the stomach enough with his arrogant jerk-like attitude and cry-for-me whinings to the media, to mention him in the same breath as Ruth is stomach pump material.

So he didn't beat Ruth, he's not the best power hitter in baseball anymore, but he's number one on PotW again.

And that's not all. PotW takes place at the end of EFKAS. So I stayed tuned in to see some highlights of the Spurs/Mavericks game, which I thought would lead off EFKAS. After all, it's a Western Conference Semifinal and it was a great game I didn't get to finish watching. During the opening teaser, EFKAS teased that game, the Cavs/Pistons debacle, and several other things. But they opened up with...BARRY BONDS!

And not just Barry Bonds. But 1,312 angles of his homerun. Pictures of his mom jumping up and down in the stands. Luckily, no picture of his scowlfaced daughter grimacing into the camera as she begs the pitcher to "PITCH TO MY DADDY!" But then the follow up press conference and an on the scene report.

It's important to note that Babe Ruth DOESN'T hold the home run record. In fact, Bonds probably doesn't have a steroid laced prayer of catching Hammering Hank Aaron this season. But we're going to see week after week, home run after home run, indepth coverage that trumps CNNs Iraq reports. And no one cares. Not me, not you, not anyone.

So EFKAS, you continue to make me vomit.

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