Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tool's 10,000 Days is worthy of your hard earned dollars.

Click the link for a review of Tool’s new album, 10,000 Days. I just got this CD yesterday and I have only listened to it once, but it is an excellent CD. If you like prog rock, if you like metal, if you like all kinds of different music, I highly recommend this CD.

Tool has mastered that “Tool” sound they have. It is a very bassy, rhythmic sound. When you hear a Tool song, you know immediately it is a Tool song, and that is not a bad thing. I was never really into Tool, until one day when I was doing my radio show; I received a copy of Tool’s greatest hits. It was a CD that only radio received. I stole that when I left the radio station and listened to it for months. I became a hard core fan and I think you will too if you check this CD out.

I am not sure about the packaging worldwide, but my CD packaging was a little different. My CD “case” came with Stereoscopic Glasses. What is that? Well, I am not sure, but it is cool as hades. The CD booklet has no words, other than the song titles, but it does include many pictures. In fact on every page it has two pictures side by side and they are exactly the same. You take you Stereoscopic Glasses and look through them at the pictures. You focus your eyes and the two become one. The one picture you now see is in 3-D. The objects all have depth and if you were a drug user, this would freak you out. A bonus in addition to the great music.

Go to Amazon and listen to the snippets they have for each song and if you think you might be interested in the least, go to Target or Best Buy and plop down $10 or $11. It will be the best $10 you have spent this week and even if it isn’t you would have just spent it on porn anyway.

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