Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did you see Lost last Night?!? I mean, did you see it?!?

If you have not watched last night’s episode of Lost, then you do not want to read any further, because I am going to go off!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t understand why they would kill Ana Lucia and Libby (assuming Libby is dead). As I have made clear before, I loves me some Michelle Rodriguez, and I know she has had some scrapes with the law, but who among us hasn’t.

One person I was watching this with last night came out of his chair when Michael shot Ana Lucia. He then fell to the floor when Michael shot Libby. The babe quotient is dropping precipitously. The producers are going to have to start showing Kate much more to keep my male hormones invested in this show.

The other thing that happened last night, the thing I would have termed the big surprise until the gunfire, was Ana Lucia seduced Sawyer to get his gun and kill fake Henry. As far as I can remember this is the first island hook up. As I said, that was crazy and then all hell breaks loose.

I can only assume that Michael was caught and held captive by the others. They decide to let him go so he could go back and release their man being held captive in the hatch. I also assume that they either promised they would return Walt or they promised they would kill Walt if he didn’t do as they said. I just wish there was someone else guarding Henry. I hope that Libby is not dead because we need to find out what her deal is and there needs to be someone who knows what Michael did. I assume she will be in a coma of some sorts and we may get her back-story in flashbacks while she recovers, much like Tony Soprano.

I just hope Kate watches her back. If she goes down, I’ll walk off this mothertrucker!!

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my_merlin77 said...

yeah, I did see this. I was talking to Mike, and he told me about the Hanso foundation. Apparently it is a computer based interactive part of the show. There is a web site and there was an advertisement for this during lost. There is this phone number and if you call it you get to go through the directory of people just randomly entering it and you may get this password that gets you into the website "news letter." I called and did a couple and got weird messages. You need look at the website.