Thursday, May 11, 2006

Latest developments on alleged Rondo point shaving scandal? No news is good news.

Over the last few weeks, IA has received a huge amount of hits for a story I posted about the alleged point shaving scandal involving Rajon Rondo. I had heard the FBI was looking into it; this information was from someone close to the FBI. I had also heard from a former UK player who said he thought there was something to it, but he didn’t think anything would come out. It would either be swept under the rug or nothing conclusive would be discovered or proved.

I can see someone wanting to keep this hush hush and I am sure this wouldn’t be the first time something like this was swept under the proverbial rug. Look at baseball and steroids; they swept that issue so far under the rug it took a decade or more for it to come out.

I have now heard from a couple of sources that all the talk in Lexington about this alleged scandal has died down. One thing about point shaving, it is relatively easy to do, but not so easy to prove. As for why this never came out in the “media” I assume they would need some sort of confirmation from someone high up before they start to print or report something that will make the opening of Sportscenter. The media also could have found out weeks ago that this was a non story and it either was not true or was not proved.

This may have been a hoax, but I thought it was interesting and figured others would too. Since nothing has come out, I hope this will go away and everyone can now concentrate on next year’s championship season or 15 loss season depending on who you talk to.

Sorry UK haters, it looks like the Cats have skated by.

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