Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Big Screen Concerts... Why didn't I think of that?

What are Big Screen Concerts? Well, it's the most incredibly simple idea on the planet and is totally awesome for people like us here in the OC. And I'm talking Kentucky and not Cali.

Big Screen Concerts is a company that records or similcasts gigantic rock concerts to movie theaters all over the country. An idea so simple, we are all now dumber for having someone else come up with it.

The funny thing about this is that the closest theater that offers the next Big Screen Concert, which is Korn, is almost 100 miles away from us in Nashville. If I lived in Nashville, I'd just go to the stinkin' concert when the band made it there. Nashville has Starwood or whatever it is calling itself this days, Gaylord Entertainment Center, a football stadium and other places I'm sure I'm missing.

Our closest venues are Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Ind. which seats about 10,000 and Freedom Hall in Louisville which seats about 15,000. Rupp Arena is about 3 hours away so I'm not really counting that. Rupp seats about 25,000 counting floor seats and still some big bands won't come there.

Big Screen Concerts has shown acts like Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, Springsteen, The Stones, Green Day and The Beastie Boys. They've also done The Who at the Isle of Wight and even showed the Elvis Comeback '68 concert along with a KISS concert. And Piccu and I can tell you that KISS puts on one heck of a show.

The problem with acts other than possibly KISS, which Piccu and I saw at the tiny Roberts Stadium, few bands of this size will come anywhere near Kentucky. Especially western Kentucky. However, Big Screen Concerts could similcast these thing in our local theaters. And no I'm not talking about Stick Floors, our local, local theater, I'm talking about nice theaters that we frequent.

Big Screen Concerts also likes to run their concerts on "non-peak" nights when most of the time the movie seats are empty anyway.

So, now all we need is for theaters around smaller communities like ours to wake up and offer us these concerts. Most of them are $10 or $20 but if it is live or recently recorded and shown in high-definition, I'm there. It seems that several of the shows are also one night events. Likely one night only concerts and with similcasting they obviously won't be showing it again at the theater. I would have loved to have gotten to see some of the few shows that David Gilmour did in L.A. promoting his new album.

I just think it would be awesome to be able to watch a concert at a movie theater. I'm not driving to Chicago to see The Stones, but I'll drive 30 minutes and watch the similcast in a movie house. And it would be cool if they would show the crowd before the band went on because the anticipation of the band coming to the stage is awesome.

Rock on Big Screen Concerts, but broaden your horizons and include those of us who can't see a big concert inside of a six hour drive.

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Piccu said...

We will never, ever see this in our area. We are so backwards when it comes to things like this, it will have to be invented again in 100 years for us to have the option.