Sunday, May 07, 2006

Secrets and auctions?

Well, there is a belated baby update to be added to the yea old ia. We have had the ultrasound which reveals the sex of baby. One of us knows the sex, but no one else does. So, I know what we're having and the toast is in the dark. Some of our family members are providing harrassment, but so far I haven't been broken.

I suggested an auction in which the highest bidder could also know the sex a little early with proceeds going toward baby gear. I think one of my inlaws would throw down the big bid.

Alas, this idea was poo poo-ed.


Trent said...

Jesse, that was an absolutely brilliant idea. I have taught you well, Young Skywalker.

That one needs to be re-pooed.

Actually a better idea would be to set up a betting market and take a cut of the wagers. THAT'S even better.

Piccu said...

Who are you? Do I know you? Why would we care about baby news from a stranger?

By the by, we have ways of getting information. I have been following the Sopranos very closely. Beware of pans of hot sauce when you finally return to the OC.