Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Should be in Pictures. Part III

I went to the meeting for the movie on Monday night. As I said in my last post, I had been selected to be an extra in the movie. The meeting was about a lot of rules, really. The producer had plenty of things we could not do, nothing crazy or anything. Rule number one was when you are a cast member of Red Velvet Cake; you do not talk about RVC. Rule number two, well you know the deal. I figured that wouldn’t be that big of a deal for an extra that is only on set for three hours. So I plan to document my rise to fame and fortune as a Hollywood extra. But, the plot thickens.

I had signed in earlier in the meeting, but idiot me, I forgot to leave any contact info so at the end of the meeting, I went to the producer to find my contact info sheet. I put my phone numbers and email addresses on the sheet. We were also supposed to put our character name, if we had one, on the sheet or write extra if we were an extra. I wrote extra and began to leave.

I stopped to kind of make a joke to the director. He had said right before the end of the meeting that there were three speaking roles left and I was going to ask if I could have one. Before I could say anything, he asked if the assistant director had gotten in touch with me, they wanted me to be Tim Ray. I then became a speaking character. I am now eligible for a best supporting actor Academy Award. I have to sign a contract and then I will have my first paid acting gig. I’m on my way.

The director also said that this film will be sent to the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert DeNiro’s baby, in New York and also the Sundance Film Festival. Bratch and I are already scheming a way to attend Sundance to get all the swag that is available for media and actors.

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my_merlin77 said...

Guess where we go skiing with the toast's family? Guess which weekend we sometimes go? Unfortunately this year we wil go a different time than the Sundance. I have not totally ruled out the possibility of going at that point if you go anyway.