Monday, May 15, 2006

Shocked in the OC.

It has been a shocking day today in the OC, at least for me. Two things happened that shocked me, SHOCKED me I say. The first? I found out that I was a Republican. WTF!?! That means that Trent, Travis and I are comrades in conservatism. I registered to vote as a high school senior, and like most high school seniors I had no idea about politics. I didn’t know any differences between the parties and I really didn’t care. I still don’t really care to this day. I thought that I registered as an Independent but I guess I didn’t.

Tomorrow we are having our voting primaries and I thought that I may go vote. I usually wait till the real deal to place my vote, but some of these races will be decided tomorrow and I thought I will make my voice heard, or something like that. I popped into the clerk’s office and got the news.

It seems I have to now transform my whole view on the world. I must now value money higher than sex. I must now be ready to fight anytime someone irks me in the least. Down with diplomacy! I’m sure there are other things to look at, but I will figure that out later. I am now put at ease a little when it comes to government spying on phone conversations. I would assume because I am in the “right” party, I won’t be spied on, that’s reassuring. I am confused about who should scare me more, liberals, commies, gays or Al Qaeda. Not sure on the rankings.

Another thing that shocked me today was a political sign I saw while making my rounds in the county Escape. I saw a sign that said, “Vote Straight Vote Against ….” I am not going to print the name, but the sign had it. There is an incumbent, a Republican no less, which is being challenged this year like no other. In years past when someone went up against him in the primaries or the general election, you knew the incumbent would win hands down.

It seems that rumors of the sexual orientation of the incumbent are swirling and according to the sign in the yard of some inbred ignoramus, he wants a straight guy to hold that particular office. I realize that just finding out that I am a conservative should make me want to shake the sign guy’s hand, but why do I feel like fire bombing his residence?

If a man’s sexual orientation is the only reason you can think of to vote someone out of office, you should not be allowed to vote. This person has not done anything on the job that warrants losing elections. It’s not like he is making any male he hires dress like a Chippendale’s dancer. You won’t catch anything if you come into contact with him. He doesn’t have the Gayvian Flu. It shouldn’t surprise me because we live in an area where it would be hard for a man of color to win some elections, but it just hit me in the face. I felt shame for my county that a good man who does a good job may lose it because of his personal life. I thought stuff like this only happened in Mississippi or Alabama.

Welcome to the OC, b*#@h.


my_merlin77 said...

A REPUBLICAN???? Your uncle dude would be proud. You're right I had no idea what I was doing when I registered and am not certain which side I want to be on exactly. I agree and disagree with both.

Orelinde_03 said...

I registered as a Republican, once upon a time. But I vote for whichever cat I think will do the best job of not screwing us over.