Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our American Idol is chosen tonight, then both Taylor and McPheever can slip back into anonymity.

American Idol comes to an end tonight with a special two hour finale. TWO HOURS? Why in the wide, wide world of sports do we need two hours to hear…”and Taylor, you are the American Idol.” I am sure the top ten will come back and sing. Pheever and Taylor will sing a few songs. I’m sure Seacrest will tease the viewers for over 30 minutes before revealing the winner in the last five minutes. I will probably not watch it; I have to concentrate on Lost. I will tell you that Taylor will win, just like I said about 6 or 7 weeks ago.

Last night’s show was horrible because I felt like I had heard both Taylor and Pheever sing those songs before. Wait a minute, I think I did. Anyway, they both debuted new songs that will become their first singles released to the masses. As far as I am concerned, they can keep them. Pheever’s original song was so terrible I watched about 3 seconds of it. Taylor’s was a little better, I listened to 8 seconds of it.

American Idol makes bajillions of dollars; you would think they could hire good songwriters. Do all the first original Idol songs have to be the sobby, inspirational, “I made it, Ma” songs? Why couldn’t Pheever sing an original she could shake her moneymaker too? Why couldn’t Taylor have a song that he could do his stupid gyrations to?

What does it matter? Tonight’s show will draw a huge number of people and in 2 years time we will have long forgotten about both of the finalists.


Orelinde_03 said...

This is the first season that I allowed myself to get sucked in. Let me just say that not only was I NOT overly impressed with the candidates...but I want to bitch-slap Paula and her blubbering.

There were several people I would have liked to see win tonight. I was liking Ace (cuz he can sing and is a pretty boy), and I thought Mandesia was amazing (plus it would have been awesome for a 'real person' to have won.) Chris can really, REALLY sing but I knew they'd never let him take it. So that did leave me rooting for Nanny McPhee and Taylor.

LAst nights show only reminded me of why I normally do NOT watch A.I. Thought the song choices were not any to ever subject us to...and that neither one of them are worthy. Let's just hope tonight is as painless as possible.

Piccu said...

If you didn't check your clocks, the winner of American Idol was announced at exactly 8:57 Central time. That means that 1 hour and 53 mintues were crap. I'm glad I did not watch that junk. I did see Prince, so the show wasn't a total loss.

Travis said...

They had two hours to say Hicks won, and actually went over by about 3 minutes. Unbelievable.

Prince was cool. They man never ages.

I was really disappointed in a year when I thought that there were some very good performers we ended up with those two.

So in case you haven't paid attention to NBA All Star voting or MLB All Star voting, this is your wake up call. Americans shouldn't be allowed to vote for anything in ballots where you can vote multiple times.