Friday, May 26, 2006

I Should be in Pictures Part IV

Well last night I had my first table reading of my scene in the movie. I was there with 5 others including the assistant director. Everyone did a good job, especially Coach A as the storekeeper. I did my lines three times each in a different way and I got a standing ovation. Even the cute chick from McLean County was awed by my acting prowess.

We were told to do whatever we had to do to reach our character. Go where ever we had to go to become our character. The director wants to be able to call us by our character’s name and never see us as who we actually are. My character? He was described as uncouth, loud, nasty, belligerent, drunk, thought of women as indentured servants, women should be in the kitchen and barefoot and pregnant. I gotta tell you, I’m really close on this one. I told the AD I would start to cuss more and begin drinking heavily this weekend. I got a fist bump from Coach A on that one.

So, next week we meet again for contract signings. I am curious to see what two lines and three days on set will earn me from a very small independent film. Well, I better get to drinking.

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