Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I should be in pictures and now I just might be or Piccu's journey to Hollywood.

The OC has just become Hollywood East. Some filmmakers from Louisville have written a movie and are going to film the majority of it in Ohio County. The filmmakers held auditions a few weeks ago in Rosine at the Barn. Many showed up to see if they were the next George Clooney or the next Jennifer Aniston, or something like that. I was working so I didn’t go, but Bratch and Don the Don went and wrote up something for the local paper. Some of you may have read the article.

The name of the movie is Red Velvet Cake. There is a website, click the link for it, the official screenplay will be posted this coming Sunday and the director has a blog on the making of it with some entries already posted. Click on RVC Blog for the details. I have not read the script, but Bratch says it is very good and I had heard that Lily Tomlin wanted to purchase the script for herself, but the director did not want anyone else to make this movie because he knew all of the people the film is based on. Bratch can tell you a little more about it in the comments section.

I had heard that the director was coming back to the county for more auditions and that if I wanted to try for a part a phone call could be made on my behalf. There was a phone call and I got my first official movie audition. I went to the theater in the courthouse yesterday afternoon for my audition.

After about a half hour of other people doing their things, I got the call. I would read with some dude and a woman. The other guy was Curtis and the woman was Aline and I played Tim. It turns out that Curtis is the main bad guy and I am his friend, who may or may not be a drunk, who in this scene goads him into a fight with his wife. Here is the scene as best as I remember it.

Curtis asks where supper is and Aline tells him it will be ready in a few minutes. I, as Tim, say, “What’s her problem? When you are ready to eat she should have it ready.”

Curtis then yells some more and Aline tells him pretty much the same thing, that she will have it ready soon and to wait. I then say, “Are you going to let her talk that way to you? Who’s in charge here?” Curtis then cusses her, throws the dinner in the floor and Curtis and I go to the bar to drink. And scene.

I was asked to do these lines a few times. Once not so loud because I didn’t want Aline to hear me egging him on, another time the director asks for a little louder, and then the last time he asks me to go over the top. That one was my favorite try. I thought that I saw the director enjoying my performance out of my periph. In my periph he seemed pleased.

He thanked me and got my contact info and I headed home. I think I will make the movie if for no other reason than there are 170 to 200 parts to be cast and only 30 have been cast so far. I think the odds are in my favor. I told the director I just thought it would be cool to get a line in a movie. Hopefully I will get my one line in a movie and that will lead to several summer blockbuster movies.

Maybe I will be able to adlib a line or two. I already have one at the ready. “This red velvet cake is making me thirsty.”

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BRATCH said...

If you check out the website I think that it says a lot about movie and why the director is making it. The director and writer that helped him with the script are from the OC.

The movie has a theme to it and that theme has to do with many elderly people in this state and country not being able to afford to live. On top of that they might not have children or anyone that can help them out or that they can live with.

And this is something that can hit home with many people. There is a reason why everyone is going crazy over prescription drug prices. If you take very much medication you'll know why. Some elderly folks have to choose to pay a bill or purchase they medicine to survive for that month.

Red Velvet Cake is a tale of one elderly woman's very hard life and in the twilight of her life not only does she not have much to show for it, but she can barely scrape by from month-to-month.

I've read most of the script sans ending since you can't really put the ending on the internet. But the script has been taken down since then.

Many people I talk to about it make it out like it's just a bunch of local yay-hoos putting something together, but that isn't the case. This is the real deal. High-definition cameras and all the trimmings.

I'm actually interested in the editing and post-production having cut digital video and authored DVDs in my day. In this day and age you can have a near state of the art post-production set up for a fraction of what it used to cost. All you need now is a Power Mac and Final Cut Studio ($1200) and you are in like Flint.

And that is exactly what these guys are doing. I think they have a very interesting story and good script and if our family and friends here in the OC can pull off some decent acting, this could be a solid film.