Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WKU Whups Up On UAB

How do you get over a four point loss to Georgia? You go to UAB and hit 15 threes beating the Blazers by 16 points. It's going to be a crazy season to be a WKU fan, but that was a definite highlight. Today I'm officially starting my campaign to get Anthony Winchester noticed nationally.

Winchester has been an impact player since being named Freshman of the Year in 02-03 in the Sun Belt. This year he's playing his best. In four games he's shooting 51.6% from the floor, 48.1% from three point range, 72% from free throws (he's typically above 80% but was just 5/9 against UGA, take that game away and he's at 89%) he averages 23 points, 5.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists.

Winchester is a quintessential college basketball player. He's being viewed regularly by NBA scouts. I don't know if he'll make it to the NBA, but he should. The NBA would benefit from having players like Anthony.

I'm writing this because I'll bet you as a reader and college basketball fan have never heard of Anthony Winchester. Let me fill you in:
As a sophomore he scored 26 against Mississippi State (when State was VERY good)
He also scored 40 against La-Lafayette that year.
As a junior he played PF at only 6'4" because the team needed him to. He responded by averaging 18 points and 7 rebounds shot 45.3% from 3 and over 50% overall.

Whether or not you ever root for the Hilltoppers, get on the Winchester bandwagon. This guy is what college basketball is all about.

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Piccu said...

I have heard of Winchester because of all the talking that you did to Bratch about him has poisoned his mind. So now Bratch goes on about him sometimes and I am not sure he would know Winchester if he walked into his office wearing his uni.

That being said I have no problem rooting for a WKU player and secretly I have no problem rooting for WKU (just don't let that out). I believe that if you want some national recognition you better look elsewhere because this isn't the site, but it is a good start.