Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terrell Owens and Drew Rosenhaus, not sorry yet.

Did anyone check out the press conference at Terrell Owens’ house yesterday? I saw some images and heard it live on ESPN Radio. I have to say that I believe that TO is actually sorry for the way things turned out. Whether he is sorry for what he did, that is debatable, but I think he realizes now that things got out of hand and went too far. I believe he is mostly sorry because he is going to lose money this year and he won’t be able to strut his stuff on the field.

As I was driving back to the office yesterday afternoon, I realized who Terrell Owens is. He is a guy who just likes to show off. He has no real skill. Running and catching is not something that is learned or something others can’t do well. He is just a big show off, he is the Bandit. I guess that makes Drew Rosenhaus Frog.

As sincere as I thought TO appeared yesterday, Drew Rosenhaus ruined any warm feelings some might have had for TO and his apology. Rosenhaus took control of the press conference and basically shouted and yelled and made everything before that look like a sham. Rosenhaus is one of those guys that just make you want to puke and I would be willing to bet that if TO sits down and thinks about this whole fiasco, he will realize that Rosenhaus is much to blame for this.

As far as I know, Rosenhaus hasn’t made too much money since becoming TO’s agent. He wasn’t the one who got TO his original deal with the Eagles. He was the one, however, to convince TO that his current deal was not enough and that he could get him a new one. That is what Rosenhaus is famous for, getting old deals thrown out and new ones signed.

How can Rosenhaus make some money? Well, he will need to get TO a new contract. I am not saying Owens himself did not want a new contract, but I would be willing to bet that Rosenhaus stayed in his ear and made sure TO did all he could to disrupt the Eagles. Owens, and I’m sure Rosenhaus, never thought the Eagles would actually deactivate him, but they miscalculated.

The big question in all of this is, how much money has Rosenhaus cost TO after this whole thing blew up in their faces? I heard a sports talk guy say that he thought TO has lost $30 million over this. I am not sure that much has been lost, but we are talking tens of millions. TO will not receive a huge signing bonus with his next contract. He will probably only get a one year deal so that he can prove he has “changed.” After this year and next year, he will have to try to get a huge deal at the age of 33. That is not the age you want to be when looking for a huge deal.

I can’t say that I am not a little happy to see this happen to TO, especially since I traded him straight up for Carson Palmer in my fantasy league a few weeks ago. I like to see him play and I like to hear him talk, however, he is a me first player and a team killer. I do believe TO was sincere in some ways with his apology and he should have been. I believe he brought all on himself. I also believe this guy has got some problems and should probably spend this time off in therapy. That being said, I believe Owens had some help from his new agent Drew Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus and Owens did not realize until it was too late that they should stop all the stupid games and finish out the year quietly. Unfortunately for TO his tactics and this tactical error has cost him the thing he was after in the first place. Next year, when looking for a new deal, Owens and Rosenhaus will indeed be sorry.


John said...

Owens, Rosenhaus and people like him are a cancer on pro sports. This whole ESPN driven me-first culture in modern athletics has almost ruined football and baseball. It has ruined basketball already. These people deserve what they get.

I don't think Owens is sorry and I don't think people like him are capable of being sorry.

As a Packer backer, Rosenhaus got under my skin and the skin of many other Packer backers when he teamed up with Javon Walker to stiff the team. I didn't work for Javon, and it didn't work for Owens. These lunatic agents and marketing people need to get a clue.

Pro athletes often get paid more to play for a few years than many college educated professionals will make in an entire career. Never mind what blue collar dudes get paid. And alot of these ballplayers act like they're entitled to it.

There's nothing wrong with wanting more. Afterall, this is America. But there is a wrong way to do it and a right way to do it.

Piccu said...

Maybe Rosenhaus is cursed. Look what happened to Javon Wlaker he tried to hold his talents hostage and make trouble. He ended up not holding out and then blew out his knee in the first game of the season, thus more than likely ending his chance at a big contract.

Now TO is going to likely miss out on that elusive "big deal." Walker is young enough to possibly get back and claim that deal, but who knows.

Perhaps Rosenhaus is a curse on all greedy sports stars. If I were his client, I would get away from him as fast as I could.