Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ah, Thanksgiving the day of pranks.

I have investigated this somewhat and I thought I would open this up to the board. Target is apparently having a big sale event on Friday and Saturday and to make sure you do not miss this Target is offering to give you a wake up call on those mornings. All you have to do is get on their website, enter a phone number, a name, and an email address and that's it. Then you have to wait one hour and call an 800 number to confirm the call.

The trick to this is that you have to call the 800 number from the number you want to confirm. You will need to register the wake up call one hour or so before you go to the victim’s house and then after a nonsuspicious amount of time, ask to use the phone and make the confirmation call. Then your unsuspecting friend or enemy will get a nice wake up call at 4 AM or a time of your choosing. You can also leave a tuck in call for 12 AM. I recommend that you do this to as many people as you can for a Happy Thanksgiving. Click the title for the link. Enjoy!!

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