Monday, November 21, 2005

Instant news...

This story will be all over the newspapers tomorrow, but talk about instant news.

The story linked in the title is about a Nike jet that has had a landing gear malfunction. Now I'm sure you are wondering, did it get down safely without anyone getting seriously hurt?

Well, that's the thing. As of right now, 2 p.m. Central time, it's still in the air. That's how instantaneous news is now. They are reporting the disaster before the disaster has even happened. Personally, I don't know that it will be a disaster. I think the jet will be ruined, but I don't see anyone getting hurt.

They are going to burn off all of the fuel they can and probably divert to a remote airport and belly land it. If that plane in L.A. can land with its front landing gear turned completely sideways, I think this plane can make it.

Tomorrow this will be all over the newspapers and no one will care. They will have watched the video on TV and read the articles just as I have on the Net and bypass the story on A-1.

Of course this is assuming that many newspapers will be stupid enough to run it as a big A-1 story after everyone has already heard everything about it.

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