Monday, November 14, 2005

Fiddy Cent would be proud.

“This movie is so good I gotta bust a cap off in here.” I always thought that was one of the funniest stand up routines Chris Rock had. In Pittsburgh, it’s not just part of a stand up routine. Someone capped a Pittsburgh area man right in front of the concession stand on opening night of Fiddy Cent’s new movie, Get rich or Die Tryin’.

Reports from the scene said the victim got into an argument with some men in a men’s room and later shots were fired in the theater with two hitting the victim and killing him. Many witnesses were overheard to say that there was more drama to be found at the concession stand than on the screen during Fiddy’s movie.

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BRATCH said...

If I was an owner of a movie theater, I think I would have enough sense to know that "Fiddy's" new movie was going to be trouble. Movie's of this type are trouble. (See Boyz-N-the Hood) Of course if you were in a small city like O'boro or BG, you probably wouldn't have to worry.

However, while I know that Fiddy's movie is going to rake in some cash, it probably won't make up for lost revenue from the people who aren't coming to the theater so they don't get shot.

Popcorn doesn't seem so appealing when you have to walk over a blood stain to get it.