Saturday, November 12, 2005

Spurrier for president!

I think it is official, the church of Steve Spurrier will be open for business soon. He is a great coach and I think it is hard to deny that at this point. I'm not sure whether he'll take SC to the top of the SEC or to a national title in the next several years, but he has already and will continue to improve the team. He airs out the ball, he moves players around until he finds the best combination, and he motivates both team and fans. You have to respect him even if you don't like him.

With my somewhat limited experience, I have to give SC's fans credit on being hugely supportive. THey have consistently shown up, provided cash, and traveled well over the past years despite not always having a winning team. Today and this season, they have something to cheer about.


greg c said...

i have to agree. im a gator fan but i am because of spurrier. he has done a hell of a job this year with what he was given. i can only dream that he takes another team to a national championship game. it would only be better if he had beaten georgia .

BRATCH said...

Spurrier is good, but he's no Rich Brooks. LOL

The line forms behind him.

Piccu said...

Rich Brooks couldn't coach a Pop Warner team to more than a 3 win season.

my_merlin77 said...

is that a Pop Warner team or UK's team against a Pop Warner team. Either way.