Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Aquaman the TV show is now casting.

Has it really come to this? Have we basically run out of every super hero available to exploit? It appears that casting has begun for an Aquaman TV show. It is going to be on the WB, of course. The WB has already kind of given Aquaman a trial run on Smallville, the Superman the early years show, but they will be looking for a new actor to play this wonderful super hero…who controls fish.

Can the producers really be interested in making a show about a superhero that has been a running joke of the HBO show Entourage this past season? I guess the old saying is true; there is no such thing as bad publicity. I can’t imagine this show lasting too long. How many dastardly crimes occur in the water? I can see this turning into an environmental show. Aquaman stops companies from dumping waste into the ocean. He controls fish. That is not a super power. It’s not even something that 90% of the world’s population would find helpful. I guess if the bad guy was allergic to shellfish that would be to Aquaman’s advantage.

The WB has sent out a casting notice and here is what they are looking for in an Aquaman. A person that is 18-24 years of age, with blonde or light brown hair, and someone who is “drop dead handsome.” Why don’t they just use a drawing of Aquaman form the old Justice League of America cartoon? They could put it in the USA Today with the question, “Have you seen this man?” They then could have a phone number for friends or relatives to call and tell the casting agents about how much their cousin Pete looks like Aquaman. The callers could fax or email a photo with contact information and then the show’s producers could go from there.

I believe Merlin ought to try out for the part, although I believe he is too old for the part and I wouldn’t describe him as drop dead handsome (though French Toast might), but he can swim like a sea otter. His acting is not that great. I can remember a heated game of Mafia in which he was lying like a dog. He even went so far as to throw things and scare some other players so bad they feared for their safety. Unfortunately for him all the shenanigans did not work. He could luck out; maybe try some psychological mind tricks on the casting directors. Maybe we should start a petition or something. Maybe we could march on it. Merlin for Aquaman in 2006.

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