Wednesday, November 23, 2005

David Banner is all p@%*ed off. David who?

David Banner is angry, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Or something like that. The rapper has been raising money for the victims of hurricane Katrina, in fact raising over $500,000 already. He organized a benefit concert in Atlanta in September in which many stars in hip-hop donated their time. Now Banner is angry that all the efforts that are being done to help people seem to be getting little press. Banner complains that he would have gotten more press if he and another rapper were feuding or if he had shot someone.

He is true. In today’s music world the old saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity” is antiquated. The new saying is now, “Bad publicity is good publicity.” In fact, on an episode of Bones on Fox, a rapper who was called in for questioning in a murder negotiated with the lead detective into arresting him and charging him with the murder in exchange for some information that would lead them to the real killer even though he was innocent. I would be willing to bet that many publicists in hip hop have thought about the dream crime their client could commit. You know, a crime that has street cred but wouldn’t involve any real consequences.

I think that if Banner had worked something out with another rapper and started a feud, he could have gotten all the press he wanted. He could have started a feud with Nelly (who wouldn’t feel comfortable feuding with Nelly) and then could have arranged to “squash” it at the benefit concert. That would have given his cause some pub and would have helped himself to some pub. Let's face it, the world already knows Nelly, what we need now is more David Banner. Every reporter would have been there to document this joyous coming together of the Hulk’s alter ego and the guy with the band-aid under his eye.

What would have gotten more publicity would have been for him to kneecap Nelly on live TV, I would tune in for that. I would provide the bullets. Let’s face it, maybe all David Banner’s problems are because his name is David Banner. Have all the crazy rap names been taken? Perhaps if he were MC Davy B he would have had his concert on MTV. Maybe he should think about a name change before lashing out at the always fair and unbiased media.

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