Friday, November 25, 2005

ABC is cancelling Alias. Happy Thanksgiving? Not bloody likely.

I hope all have been having a happy Thanksgiving and I was until I saw the news that I had been expecting for a while. I was rolling along enjoying my long weekend, eating a piece of sweet potato pie the size of a car battery for lunch and I saw it. Alias is coming to an end this March. What have we done to deserve this and on Thanksgiving as well. ABC sucks and I hope they drop in ratings and fall to last place again like they were all those years ago. Without Alias I do not even have a reason to watch ABC so I hope that they are happy. We should all boycott ABC and Disney (except ESPN they haven't done anything to anybody).

Luckily, it sounds like Alias is going to go out with a bang. I believe the ax fell early enough for them to write some great episodes to give the die hard fans some closure when the series ends in May. The creators said they would not be winding down, but revving up as they reach the end. Perhaps this will draw more viewers. It's obvious that the creators have nothing to lose and should just go for it. They should use any story they were perhaps scared to use before. I want them to just totally go off the deep end and send the show out with a bang.

Well, now that I have regurgitated my sweet sweet potato pie and vented my hate against ABC I feel a little better. I am excited about what is going to come next. Well, I know the end is next, but the time between now and then should be very interesting.

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