Thursday, November 10, 2005

Celebrity News!!!

According to Kidd Kraddock morning radio show, Jessica Simpson was in Kenya doing some charity work for Operation Smile. OpSmile is a charity that helps children with disfigured smiles. Simpson was to visit a hospital there but called in "too sick to get out of bed." Then she went on Safari. You stay classy Mrs. Lachey!

Paris Hilton and her latest boytoy were apparently in an accident after a night of drinking. Her new beau was behind the wheel of her Bentley (why would you let ANYONE else drive your Bentley?!?) while apparently intoxicated and fleeing paparazi. He crashed the car into a parked truck and this is where it gets interesting.

Police arrived on the scene (your favorites and mine, the LAPD) and issued NO tickets. They checked NO ONE for intoxication even after another passenger said he was the only one sober enough to drive home. All this is being filmed and photographed by paparzi mind you. So if you're the officers, you're not getting away with it. I don't even blame Hilton (who was allegedly flirting with the officers) I blame the police for not doing their job.

We all know celebs get special treatment. No surprises there, but the LAPD is lacking enough credibility without incidents like this.

And as an aside, why do I know Paris Hilton? I don't want to know her. She's a rail thin skank with way more money and privilege than sense and all without a lick of talent or any discernable education. Unless I hang with a "socialite" I don't want to know he/she exists. I don't want to hear about her sex tapes (A Night In Olive Oyl's Blonde Cousin) and I don't want to see her in horror films. I want good looking girls, preferably with curves, that I've never heard of.

This is one of my few posts about celebrities. I can't stand celeb news, but I just wanted something to rant about this AM. I apologize for making us all dumber.


Piccu said...

There is nothing wrong with celeb news, especially if it makes them look like the jackasses they are. Paris Hilton is so vapid, just look into her eyes whenever you see a pic of her. There is literally no one home.

As for Jessica Simpson, she seems to be turning into the big breasted Paris Hilton. I hope she enjoys her celebrity and fame and money while she can because until her little reality show, she wasn't exactly setting the music world on fire. She was a distant third to Britney and Christina, just like Nick's group 98 Degrees was a distant third to Backstreet and N'Suck, I mean N'Sync.

Where are any of those groups now? Where is Britney and Christina now? Paris will always be rich and we will have to put up with her until she hits her more mature Madonna adopting old Jewish religions phase. Jessica will be long gone before that. Hopefully she will take a stab at Playboy before she truly bottoms out.

BRATCH said...

Kid Kraddock? Frankly, it sounds made up. And poorly made up I might ad.

Sivart, you need XM radio more than any of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey enough of the publicity about Brad and Angie, she's not about to have the baby Jesus for Christ shake. Jen loved that piece of crap and he is doing everything to rub her face in his adultery. Next we'll have to erect a shrine for him. They can adopt all the kids in the world and would still be trailor park trash just look at them. Don't they have anything to wear except Black?