Friday, November 25, 2005

New blood...

Over the past few weeks Piccu and I have noticed a decline in readership as well as a decline in posting from our contributors.

So last night Piccu and I made an executive decision and decided to acquire a highly touted rookie that we found on the free agent wire.

I have extended the invitation and I'm expecting their arrival any day now.

Piccu and I have high expectations for this rookie and we expect them to become impact players very quickly.

That being said, with a solid rookie coming in that Piccu and I know can write, some of you veterans who aren't posting quite as much as you used to had better be looking over your shoulder.

On a side note, Piccu and I should have went straight to Wal-Mart last night before we went home. They had 8 Xbox 360's and didn't sell all of them until 5 a.m. That's $2,500 down the drain.

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