Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I've said it before, but this is the best show on TV

So if you haven't watched Crimnal Minds yet, then you are letting the best pass you by. I not only say that this is undoubtedly the best new show, but perhaps in the running for my favorite show on TV.

There are lots of mediocre, science/cop shows out there. I like Bones, but it isn't the best. The CSI's other than Las Vegas are descent at best. Crimnal Minds is a bit different with a range and chemistry of characters only comparable to the early seasons of the original CSI. My fear is that as happened with CSI, they will soap-opera-ize the characters at some point. They are no where near that now though, and these characters are awesome. I like the fact that no character really dominates the show. It kind of revolves around the main guy Gideon, but only slightly more than all the others.

People tend to complain that "greg" from Darhma and Greg is on the show. First, off if you really don't like him he is seldom the main focus. Second, if you watched tonights episode, there is no way you can continue to associate him with his former character. This has been a quantum leap for him.

I recognize it is opposite Lost, but if you have the capability to tape this show, then it is worth it. I'll tell you this too, it is a more consistent show than Lost with it's stop go plot. Really, the next time you have nothing but reruns on, check out this show. You WON"T be dissappointed.

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Piccu said...

I watch Criminal Minds and I think it is pretty good, but I am not as in love with it as you. I am one of those who doesn't like Greg. I didn't like him on Dharma and Greg and perhaps that keeps me from liking this show as much as Merlin.

I just don't see this show as something radically different than CSI. It is not exactly breaking new ground. It doesn't have that feeling that Lost did for me. That feeling of something special is going on here.

My favorite show on TV right now, the show I cannot miss is, you've heard it before, Veronica Mars. I still think with its combo of mystery and high school life and smart writing make this a must see. I would choose this show over Lost, and I love Lost.

If you have UPN, shceck this little show out or rent the first season on DVD and I guarantee you will love it.