Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Death From Above 2006

Well, it’s here, DEATH FROM ABOVE 2006!!! People are freaking out here. Schools were let out in the OC at 10:20 AM, businesses are closing down. It’s pandelirium!! The local channels are full of radars. We’ve got Doppler, Viper, Nexrad, and whatever other radars they can come up with. People are flying around trying to catch some TV coverage. Every place that you go is full of kids who had to be brought to work because no one was home when they were let out from school. Word on the street is, “watch the skies!!”

I am not sure what is going down, but I wonder if things would be this crazy if we had not just had some deadly tornados touch down a week or so ago. It probably helps to get people riled up a bit more. I firmly believe that there will be no major damage or loss of life in the OC because there never is. People always worry about tornados here but we never really have any reason to worry. We just don't have tornados, at least not to the extreme as Oklahoma or Kansas. Of course I will look like a real idiot when something happens later on toady or tonight, but that is the chance I am willing to take.

I do not know what will happen. I do not know when it will happen. There is one thing I do know. I am sure this is somehow George Bush’s fault. In fact, I find it awful convenient that he just happens to be out of the country when we are being faced with the Cyclones of Terror Tour 2006.


Piccu said...

We survived!!!! We got a little rain, a little wind, but other than that nothing.

BRATCH said...

We never get the good stuff. I was somewhat storm chasing that one and we got nothing.