Sunday, November 13, 2005

UK football fans have more than doubled in number this week

I was greeted by several people this morning at church telling me that they were newly found football fans in the Kentucky program. Why you may ask? Well, if UK were to stop the earth from moving, reverse its rotation, and finally beat Georgia next week, then SC would be up for SEC title.

All of this essentially translates into the entire no Clemsen supporting, state of South Carolina pulling for the Cats. For those fans not familar with UK's football program, there is a lot of banter about how stranger things have happened. Well, not much stranger. It is amazing to see such a football backing down here in this state. They pull for the Gamecocks during the good and the bad. I am not going to say that KY basketball isn't like that, but I have yet to see the basketball program really have a truly bad season. At least in the past ten to fifteen years.

At any rate, I am a realist, yet I can't help looking toward next week and saying go cats!


Piccu said...

What do you mean you haven't seen a bad season UK basketball season? UK lost 5 freakin' games last year and ONLY made it to the Elite Eight. That's terrible!!!

As for the chances of UK beating Georgia, there is no chance. If there was ever a game I would feel completely safe betting my life on, it would be this one. There is no way that UK could beat Georgia one time in 100 chances. This is how bad it is in the state of Kentucky. The Vandy-UK game wasn't even on TV. The last chance UK had to get a win and no one saw it.

I still don't believe it actually happened. I believe that Vandy's administration felt bad for UK and told their players to let them win. It's a whole Jerry letting Milosh beat him in tennis in front of his wife situation.

BRATCH said...

Actually, I'm still not sure that UK actually did beat Vandy. It wasn't on TV and unless I see it on TV it didn't really happen.

my_merlin77 said...

Look, these people in SC aren't used to the dissappointment of UK football. So, I'm not going to be the one to ruin it for them. There were also some rumors that Spurrier might call and give the cats so tips or even a few players. Multiple fans are already saying they will throw the UK game next season if they beat GA.

What do you mean bad season!! It's not sterling, but if that's as bad as it gets there are a hundred other teams out there who would trade.