Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It Would Be Easy to Laugh at France, but...

France is in an uproar. Two young people were shot and suddenly it's a borderline rebellion. There were over 2,500 cars set on fire in two days. Over 630 arrests, buildings burned, people killed, police attacked.

All this and the president Jacques Chirac won't authorize the military to even show up. This is the same guy who wouldn't force Saddam Hussein to let UN weapons inspectors do their thing because he was taking cash from Hussein in the Oil for Food catastrophe the UN engineered and oversaw. But that's neither here nor there.

Here's a quick point before the main one. Many Americans were siding with the French when the French and others were against the Iraq War. Namely Johnny Depp who lives in France. Oh the French are so peaceloving and forgiving, why can't we be that way. I suppose it's because we're not wimps, we have principals, and we believe SOME things are worth fighting for. The French won't even authorize their military to come in and save their OWN people. No wonder they wouldn't help free the Iraqi people.

Now, a big key to the problems in France is their influx of Muslim settlers. France is socialistic and basically will care for anyone who can't/won't care for themselves. That is what many of these (certainly not all) Muslims have done. They don't work, they are carried along by the government. Thus there's a lot of civil disdain for the non-natives. It has boiled over into what they have now.

Point is that could easily happen in the US. Right now illegal immigrants flow over our borders daily at an alarming rate. It's not as big of a problem for us because we have jobs for them to do and because we aren't socialistic and giving free rides to those who won't work. So the disdain is mild in comparison. But many, MANY politicians and activists would like to see us become a more socialist society. May it never be.

We must avoid such a problem here and we do that by regulating immigration, controlling the amount of people entering the country and by making sure we don't give free rides. For a guy like me, there's a tiny part of me that says France is reaping what it has sown for years. Part of me wants to laugh and point at France saying, "THIS is what socialism gets you!" But there's a much bigger part that feels very sorry for these people and is scared of something like that happening here someday.


BRATCH said...

I'm not too awfully sure exactly why they are rioting in France. It took three news stories for me to get an inkling of the reasons behind it, but it seems that there are large urban ghettos in France chock full o' young people who would like to be able to work and make a living.

The funny thing is that the news media doesn't really seem too concerned about writing about why they are rioting, just the juicy devastation they are creating that sells papers.

Piccu said...

Maybe we should invade the ghettos and spread democracy over there. If France won't go in a spread some whoop ass, I'm sure W. will.

Travis said...

There are lots of problems in France. Mainly there's a problem with socialism. You can't just take care of the people who won't work. They have a stagnant economy, have had for years, there are no jobs and so the government pays for their welfare.
So the few people who do work are mad because they are taxed to death to pay for those who can't/won't work.
Many people would like to work, but can't, because there are no jobs.
There is a growing population of Muslims, mostly from Africa, who are flooding the country and are living off the welfare system in a country where they are largely unaccepted.
So you can see the kind of underlying civil unrest they've had for a while. Well, now it's coming to a head. All I can figure from various news reports is that two teenagers were shot and killed. This was the proverbial straw, so the other underpriveleged teens in the ghettos have rioted. Not because two of their peers were shot, but because they are sick of how things are done in France.

But what's disgusting is how Chirac is letting it happen. This guy is the sorriest excuse for a leader on that side of the Atlantic. (Vincente Fox on this side.)

I have a theory on why the news won't tell you. Because the news media likes welfare. They like socialism, although they'd never say it. They like the idea of the government taking care of its citizens to the point of welfare for whoever wants it. France is more proof (Russia was another) that it does not work. The media will never admit that.

BRATCH said...

That was too long and I didn't have the strength to read it because it's telling me more about France than I ever want to know. I'll just leave it at this:


Piccu said...

Who is rioting, the bums who are being supported by the taxpayers or the taxpayers supporting the bums?

As for the deaths of the two boys, I had heard they were hiding in an electrical sub station or something or other because they thought the cops were after them and they were electrocuted.

I don't know about socialism, but the majority of the rioters being Muslim certainly doesn't help things. They hate anyone in the west, whether they are in on the war in Iraq or not.