Wednesday, November 09, 2005

People Piss Me Off

I was reading USA Today a couple of days ago, and as I usually do, read the small state blurb for Ky. It was out of Louisville and may or may not be big state wide news there. But, the story was about a 14mo old who had died because the family pit bull turned on the infant while it was eating.

Ok, there are a lot of things about this that piss me off, but I'll focus on the fact that people own these horrible animals. If I hear another version of the same old bull s**** of how they have these type monsters and "they wouldn't hurt a fly" crap. Repeatedly, dogs of all breeds turn on children. There was a stretch where labs were going crazy (or the news inflated the few incidents up, I admit).

These are not labs, these are certainly not your non-ferocious breed either. These are monsters that were trained to kill other animals traditionally, just like several other breeds. What is the point of owning them, ESPECIALLY if you have children of virtually any age. There is no purpose. People may argue they need a guard dog. That's crap if you need a dog that does more than just bark to let you know there is an intruder, then chances are you are either guarding your meth lab/mj patch or you can actually afford to pay for an expensive security system that will not potentially kill other people.

A defenseless, harmless baby who could walk for less than a couple of months, wanders by this animal chewing on food in it's bowl. It's life is over. They are destroying the dog. The parent's probably should be too.

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Piccu said...

People are idiots. In my neck of the woods I have to worry about tigers and cougars. I would be happy to only worry about a pit. I do not understand why anyone would want one of these animals. Perhaps it is the cheapest "guard" dog they could afford. Perhaps they just want to appear hard and gangsta for their homies.

I do know that a pit can be a great dog, a calm dog. Unfortunatly they can also snap and go crazy. I have witnessed it. After the attack they can settle down and act as if nothing happened. I think it will take generations of breeding to breed out this "snapping" instinct, if it can ever be bred out of the pit. Until that time, I would not want to be someone who owns one of these dogs, especially with kids around.

I am sure the owners of this dog is going through a lot of pain right now, but it may not be enough. I would hope that there is something the law can do to set an example, if only to get parents to get rid of their pitbulls.