Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nick and Jessica, who saw this coming?

If Sivart didn’t have some important things going in his life right now, I’m sure this would have shown up on his radar. Nick and Jessica have called it quits. I am shocked, SHOCKED, I say. Who saw this coming? These two crazy kids looked like they were going to make it. She was a brainless, big breasted, no talent and he was a kind of mean to his big breasted wife, no talent. If there were a better match I don’t know what it would be.

The couple released a statement on the day before Thanksgiving and asked all of us to respect their privacy. Um, what was that? Respect your privacy? Didn’t these two nimrods pretty much have their lives as a couple broadcast on TV? From wedding to right before divorce, most of the time we saw Nick he seemed jealous of her success and neither seemed to respect each other. But isn’t that how it goes in a marriage?

I wonder if MTV will be airing another show starring Nick and Jessica called, Nick and Jessica: Newly Divorced. We could follow Jessica as she makes out with scummy skate punks and watch Nick seduce coeds on a tour of America’s colleges. Now that sounds like a show.

I hope that the new baby can take away the pain Sivart must be feeling over the breakup. I know we all will need something to help us get by. Next thing you know Brtiney and Kevin will be splitting up. No no no, I don’t think the country could handle that.

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Travis said...

What's really admirable is that they stuck it out for a while for publicity's sake. No, that's not admirable, it's lying. They went through more trouble to cover up the fact that they were splitting than the Clinton's did to cover WhiteWater.

What's the point? Easy, they want you to care. You don't. You never really did, but there was so much "Are they? or Aren't they?" going around that everyone ended up with a rooting interest or at least a side-bet with Kramer.

Celebrities are people. Shocking as that may be, that's all they are. Their politics don't matter, their personal lives don't matter, they're adopted Cucamongan babies don't matter, their causes don't really matter. Always note that the most vocal and controversial celebrities are tyipcally the least talented. It's how the game is played and many, many people are played by that game.