Thursday, July 27, 2006

World Series of Pop Culture... Someone just got fired.

I don't know how many of you have been watching the World Series of Pop Culture on VH1, but tonight's show was the semi-finals. They were going to play the two matches and set up a final for next week.

The only problem is that tonight, the first match took about 40 minutes of the hour allotted for both matches. So when it got to 10 o'clock when the show was over, the final match still had both teams with two members left. Therefore we all figured that was how they were going to fill the time next week. Finish off that match and run the finals.

Here's the problem. After tonight's show, it had a promo saying to join them next week when these two teams battle it out for the title and they showed and announced the two teams. This was after the second match was still unfinished, we didn't know who had won.

Why this sucks is because they filmed this in probably four days, at the most, back in the spring. So it was all on tape and they still screwed it up.

I'm assuming that someone simply ran the wrong promo or something, but they need to be fired.

The crazy thing is that it seems that most of us are actually attempting to make plans to go audition to be on this show.

It's going to be like "The Clampetts go to ATL." We'll never make it back.

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Travis said...

I didn't see the promo, so I don't know who wins the other semifinal.

But, I think you're wrong about the filming. I'm pretty sure it was done in one day. They're all wearing the exact same outfits they wore in the first rounds. Now for teams with uniforms, that makes sense. But for the Velvet Rope Revolution and Nay's Na Nas, that doesnt' make sense.