Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mute Yourself

This topic deserves a post.
I’m tired of profanity. Tired, tired, tired of it. It’s all over my television, even on the networks now. It’s littered in nearly every movie made. It’s filling the lyric sheets of nearly every popular music act around. It’s even plastered on people’s cars.

I face an uphill challenge raising a child to be a Christian in today’s society. I realize that and my wife realizes it too. But we shouldn’t be forced to shield my son’s ears and eyes 24 hours a day.

On television, if I turn to HBO, I expect to hear bad language and to see immoral content. But the extent of it speaks volumes to the limited creativity of the modern television writer and the watered down pool of them. I suppose with so many channels and thus so many programs, putting together a creative writing staff is more difficult than ever. Judging from the product, it’s practically impossible. Thus the rise in reality television, which is also filled with profanity.

This just in, for those perennial stars of the Real World, Road Rules and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge/Gauntlet/Milking It For All Its Got spinoffs, “If YOU DROP AN “F” BOMB ON TV, YOU’LL BE BEEPED.” Why can’t they save us all the trouble and try to find a different word to use. It’s been said that the abundant use of profanity by an individual speaks volumes to their intelligence. If you’ve ever watched one of those pathetic programs on MTV, you’ll see proof that statement has merit.

I was watching Dateline Sunday night in an effort to find something not filled with profanity. It was on for about 10 seconds when someone said the word, “bitch.” Flip, and we’re back to Food Network. I’d seen that episode of Iron Chef America, but I watched it again anyway.

Don’t get me started on movies.

Music is of particular interest. Try buying a rock CD without bad language on it. Just try. I got a kick out of Mike Shinoda recently. When Linkin Park’s first album came out, the band said they didn’t use profanity because it wasn’t necessary and did nothing for the music.

Shindoa puts his own project together and the first song goes, “so I want you to know it's a little f*&^d up that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debating…” That’s “Where’d You Go” for those interested, by Fort Minor. Pick it up at the nearest dumpster.

But what really got me going on this was seeing it on cars. I’ve seen bumper stickers, I’ve seen window clings, etc. When he’s older, I won’t be able to drive my son around town without explaining to him why this car says this or this car says that.

Things that used to embarrass people just don’t raise an eyebrow anymore. Maybe I’m hypersensitive because I’m a Christian and a father. Goodness knows my language needs perfecting often, so I’m not innocent. But I really wish people would be more considerate when using filthy language. Stop being so concerned about your right to say it, and start being cognoscente of my right not to hear it.


BRATCH said...

What the f#$& are you talking about? LOL

Actually, you are right about most all of that. It bothers me that "writers" can't be more creative. But remember that sooner or later people do sometimes come to their senses.

Remember Limp Bizkit? What's-his-face could use a curse word to fill in a hole in any song he had. Use it as a noun, verb, adverb, subject, etc.

Where are they now? Who cares, but the people made sure they're gone.

Travis said...

I'm not sure this is a matter of people coming to their senses. I think its a matter of people becoming desensitized over time.

As far as writers, nowhere is the creative void more apparent than in the "adult" cartoons. I don't mean cartoons in Playboy, I mean the Family Guy, South Park, American Dad and the Simpsons. All of those shows are suffering.

Family Guy went from clever pop culture references and puns to sex jokes 24/7.
American Dad went from clever political humor to sex jokes 24/7.
South Park was always filled with bad language but used to be a great satirical look at social issues. They still pretty much make fun of everyone and every thing, but their creativity is really losing steam.
The Simpsons used to just be funny. It was like Roseanne for cartoons. Now they fill it with political commentary. It can still be funny, but I don't want political humor on the Simpsons. I don't know who would.

So writers go for cheap, easy laughs. Sometimes it works for them, like the cheap homosexual jokes on Will & Grace (which I never thought was very good.) Sometimes it doesn't, like the cheap, crass humor on The War at Home.

Orelinde_03 said...

I think the society as a whole is changing drastically and my case in point is this:

All my life, my mother never used bad vocabulary. And if she ever got really, really angry the strongest words she uses are a**, damn, or the 's' word. Being a rebel, and someone who just doesn't do what she is supposed to, my colorful and unique vocabulary is used in my home. However I would never DREAM of using the 'f' word int he house, *gasp* in front of my own mother.

Cursing and using the 'f' word in front of (Aunt) Ida is totally different as, that although she is going to be 63, she acts more like 33 and is way more tolorant of the pop culture of today. But the one night last week, I dropped the F-bomb in my house, when telling my mother about the horrific day I had had at work.

It didn't even phase her. My mom, the lady who claims Nip/Tuck, Sex & The City, Will & Grace are all vulger. When she doesn't react to her own daughter cussing in the house, with that word...things have made a HUGE change for the worse.

Travis said...

When she doesn't react to her own daughter cussing in the house, with that word...things have made a HUGE change for the worse.

That's my point. We've become desensitized to a fault. Regardless of whether or not a person is "religious" they should have the decency and tact to not use language like that in social settings. Nevertheless, people can and do use language like that all the time.

I now choose not to buy CDs with bad language (thus, I don'b buy many.) I now choose not to see movies with abundant bad language (thus, I don't see many movies.) And I now choose not to watch television with bad language and immoral content (thus, I watch Food Network, Spongebob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents entirely too much.)