Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Weekly RockStar:SuperNova ramblings...Someone please help me!!

My weekly analysis of RockStar begins now. I thought that most of the performances were good last night. I was really impressed by the girl from Long Island singing Alright Now. She belted it, definitely her best performance.

The Puerto Rican chick who sang You Really Got Me last week had the performance of the night. I thought she did a great job on Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. I know that sounds crazy, but she made it a song worth listening to. She rocked it up and her weird vocal style worked. I think she is the next Bjork, not the next big rock singer.

Dilana is still my favorite. She’s irresistible, well, not to Bratch, he loves the Australian. I think it’s a man crush. Dilana did a pretty good job with Zombie and she is definitely still the one to beat in my opinion. Though, there is no way she will win, read further to see why.

The Australian is still the best guy singer, although Udo(Lukas) did a pretty good version of Let’s Spend the Night Together. He is arrogant and unless he alienates the viewing audience, I think he will make top 5.

Here are the bottom three according to my suck-o-meter. I still loathe Josh who sang Nirvana’s Come as You Are last night. As soon as I saw that the backing band had acoustic guitars and a bongo, I knew who was coming up. This guy has taken all the songs he sings and turns them into folk music. The other problem with this dude is that he is smiling ear to ear when he sings, “I promise I don’t have a gun.” Not smiling in a maniacal way, but in a “You sure do look nice today, Ms. Cleaver.” He should be the next Dave Matthews.

Dana sucks, but just for this competition. She should be on American Idol, she is not a rocker. Bratch and I agreed, we always seem to see her as singing Black Velvet or a Melissa Etheridge song every time we hear her voice. She’s gone, she has no charisma.

Storm Large is just not a real person. She has a horrible fake name. She looks like she has memorized the Hair Metal Lead Singer’s Handbook. It doesn’t seem like anything she does is genuine. She seems to be thinking throughout her performance, “Okay, what would Vince Neil do in this situation?” She is the total opposite of Dilana who admittedly does do a crazy chicken dance, but she is her own person, that’s her stage presence, not Sebastian Bach’s

No female will win this gig because Tommy Lee could not respect them for their talent, only their a**. Surely you notice that after ever girl’s performance, he never has any constructive criticism, he just has some stupid double entendre about getting them into the sack. He wanted Storm Large to show more skin, he said he wanted to have sex with Dilana, and it goes on and on. None of the things Tommy Lee says helps these women get better. Then they have to stand up there and flirt back with him. It is pretty disgusting, to tell the truth.

They may pick a chick for this gig but whoever she is, after about 3 months of Tommy trying to get into her pants; she would be wishing she was just the next runner up. Otherwise, I hate this show, but they got their hooks in me. I can’t quit now.


BRATCH said...

The top 3 guys are Toby, the guy that doesn't enunciate(to be known as "the mumbler" from now on) and Magni. In no particular order.

I honestly think that Magni will come out the winner because Toby is too interested in rock squats and singing his heart out for the ladies.

Nothing wrong with that, but he should be trying to rock their clothes off. The mumbler has his moments but he's just an inch away from being Vince Neil who leaves out every other word. This dude just mumbles them instead.

I hate saying it simply because they are likely to pick a girl as the winner, but a girl can't win this competition.

Piccu said...

If it weren't for his embarrassing performance of Satisfaction in which he pranced around like a bad Mick Jagger impersonator, he would be in the lead right now. He has definitely come on as of late and should hang around for a while.

I don't think they are likely to pick a girl to win because Newsted and Gilby will realize that Tommy will spend all his time trying to nail her and if he does start nailing her, those two would wreak havoc within the band. A chick is bad, bad news in a band with T. Lee.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, here is my take on last night's performance. Other than (I think his name is Jeff?) The kid who Jason got up and performed with last night...thought everyone was mediocre!

The dude Jason performed with last night had my attention hands down. I thought he carried his own, he showed confidance, and just nailed it.

Dilana, who has been my pick from the getgo was good, but it was my least favorite of her performances, and that is ok. You don't love every performance of a musician you enjoy. I think she will totally be in the top five.

Toby, I think is too arrogant, and I have a feeling he won't be able to take constructive critisicm very well. Even Lucas (who I despise) is able to learn from what they tell him. I did not care for Lucas's performance last night. I thought the song was too big for his vocal range but it wasn't the worst of the evening.

Jill from L.I. was great, I thought she nailed it last night.

Travis said...

I have watched about 45 minutes total of this show. Thank goodness.

My only real comment is that the crush Picc has on Dilana is a little unnerving. She's not that hot. Not nearly.

BRATCH said...

Dilana is kind of like a train wreck. You know it's bad, but somehow you are intrigued.

Orelinde_03 said...

C'mon guys....she's a rock chick. She's selling an image. I don't swing that way...and I do not htink she is beautiful. But if you do look past the peircings she isn't busted either.

I think it's the piercing under the bottom lip that freaks ya out. That's the one that freaks me.

Travis said...

Hey Orlinde, this ain't my first rodeo. I've scoped out rock chicks before and belive me it ain't the piercings or tattoos.
I'm not saying she's K.T. Oslin ugly, she's just not anything to get torn up over.

Piccu said...

She's just so frightening, she's irresistible. Sometimes a scary chick is hot, I can't explain it. Maybe it's the dyed red hair.

Anyway, last night was pretty good. I was practically jumping out of my seat when Josh made it into the final three. I just wish they would have sent him home. I am not sure some of these guys can hear correctly. I have heard too many times about how good his voice is. It is nasally, he sings with his mouth closed, and he went on an American Idol/Mariah Carey run during Heart Shaped Box. He sucks and I'm not sure there is one person in this world that I loathe more than he.

The chicks rocked and deserved another chance, but in the long run, all three of them will be gone because they don't have the chops.

The winner needs charisma (Dilana), a unique voice (Dilana), and a scary biker chick look (Dilana). I am not sure that is Toby on any count.

And quit picking on my girl!!!

Orelinde_03 said...

Okay, I'm going ot be the 'real' me and be snarkish, rude and obnoxious.

When Josh sings, to me it sounds like what a Sphincter would sound like, could it sing.

Toby reminds me of a crack-monkey.

I have to say I am rooting for Dilana. *Shrugs* I like her. I like the look, like her skills, like her persona and her mojo. And after last night, helping out Dana...that says something.

Piccu said...

I must toot my own horn because Bratch asked me yesterday during lunch who I thought they would bring on for an encore and I said either Magni or the Puerto Rican chick.

I think Magni is starting to make his move. I like him better than Toby, who to me just seems sort of blah, but then again, most of them seem that way to me.

BRATCH said...

What I hate about Dilana is that when she moves around on stage she has no rhythm.

I'm not saying that any of them technically dance to the music, but it's like she isn't anywhere near being connected to the music other than singing it.

It seems like she couldn't tap her foot to the music if her life depended on it. That is why we have witnessed chicken dancing earlier in the competition from her.

At some point you know the other contestants have told her that she should might not do that. I know it seems crazy, but they do seem to be giving each other some advice.

She scares me and when she goes nuts, it's embarassing.

Piccu said...

Kiss my a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!