Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lance Bass of NSYNC is GAY!!!

Apparently a member of N*SYNC is gay. Lance Bass came out saying he's in a very stable relationship with some other gentleman from the Amazing Race.

Personally, I'm floored by this. First Justin Timberlake admits using drugs, now Lance Bass admits being a homosexual.

Late breaking news reports that ice is cold, the sky is blue and human beings have developed the ability to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide using only their bodies.


BRATCH said...

I have to give you credit for that carbon dioxide bit. That's high brow sarcasm at its best.

Travis said...

I'll pass that credit on to Cortney of the Bracket Board. It originated there.

If it's high brown, you can pretty much count me out.

Piccu said...

I have heard for years that all the members of N'Sync were gay. Turns out one of them is.

Is Justin on the China White? The White Horse? The Yam-Yam? The Yayo? The Acapulco Gold?

Does he hate cocaine, but likes to smell it?

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok Travis...I am afraid for you. It appears you know WAY too much about the goings on in the personal lives of the N'Sync boys.

Piccu: Yam-Yam and Yayo? Us New Yorkers never heard of these before. Please elaborate?

Piccu said...

I know you New Yorkers have heard of Yayo, just ask Fitty or his friend Tony Yayo. And if you can't find them, it's cocaine.

Yam-Yam is morphine or heroin or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

After the tobacco quotas were put in place in Kentucky, weed is now probably the state's biggest cash crop, so I should have referred to it not as Acapulco Gold, but Kentucky Gold.

Travis said...

Bass being gay was on Fox

Timberlake was on E! (my wife watches it, I tolerate it.)

So for now, Bye Bye Bye and if you need to ask anyone else for N*Sync info, It's Gonna Be ME!

Orelinde_03 said...

I'm a rock chick and (try to) avoid all things ghetto gangsta rap, etc. The most I know of the rap scene is f'schizzle m'nizzle and da shiznit. that's a new word for it. At least to these ears anyway. The only yam I know is the orange root veggie.

Piccu said...

Mr. Peterman used the slang term yam yam on Seinfeld.