Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coors reminds all of its customers to not drink and drive. Too bad they didn't remind their chief officer.

Pete Coors has had his driver’s license revoked after a DUI. Coors…Coors, that name sounds familiar doesn’t it? It should. Pete is a chief officer of Molson Coors Brewing Co. You would think after all those commercials telling his customers to take it easy he would follow his own advice.

That he has a DUI on his record now is not the surprising thing. The surprising thing is that according to Pete he only had one beer 30 minutes before he was pulled over. He blew .073 on his first breathalyzer test and then 20 minutes later he blew .088. What a lightweight!! You own a brewery Pete. You get smashed on one beer? Wow, talk about a dealer not using his own stuff.

In Pete’s defense, I would imagine he has a standing blood alcohol level of at least .065 at all times. Beer is in his blood so to speak. He should have used that argument in court.

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