Wednesday, July 12, 2006

RockStar:SuperNova is still crappy, but Lord help me, I can't stop watching.

I caught last night’s RockStar and here is my take. I don’t know if I was just in a better mood, but most of the singer’s did fine. I will say this; Dilana is the one to beat. I would buy her version of Ring of Fire right now. It was unbelievable. It had an Eastern, Zeppelinish sound to it and her voice is the most original voice in the competition. Unfortunately I still do not think that a female will win because of horndog Tommy Lee. However, Dilana is just scary enough to probably keep him at bay, she is the one to beat and I would not be surprised if she is asked to perform an encore tonight.

I still do not like the She Talks to (the) Angels guy, Josh Logan, he sang With Arms Wide Open by Creed last night. I think he has a whiny, nasally voice and he always puts these American Idol types runs in his songs. SuperNova will not want Clay Aiken fronting their band. Dave Navarro said he has the greatest voice he has heard in a while; I think Dave needs to have his ears cleaned out.

The other really bad guy is the guy who was in the bottom three last week. He sang Cult of Personality last week and I do not remember what he sang last night because I couldn’t understand his words. He just doesn’t enunciate, I have a hard time understanding what he is saying. He sounds like he is so nervous he can’t form words. Once again, Dave loves his voice. Dave you need help, I think you are tone deaf.

Most everyone else did fine last night. A couple of the girls were not great, but they looked good enough for me to keep them around a while. Even Mr. Roxanne sounded alright, but I still don’t like his too cocky attitude and his Scott Stapp clone looks. All in all, I am ashamed I have been sucked into this show.


Orelinde_03 said...

I think I need to be going to a group which starts off as: "Hi my name is _____ and I am a SuperNova-a-holic."

Can't get enough of this show. I think that Dilana is amazing! I almost fell off the couch with her version of Ring Of Fire. That Zayra broad or whatever her name is (The one Jason wanted to marry last week) really needs to go. She was in the bottom 3 as of last night.

The first 3-4 people who performed last night didn't impress me at all. And I almost cried when the Long Island chick sand 'Tainted Love'. That is one of my all time favorite songs and my ears were bleeding from her killing it. (I live on Long Island), so I was rooting for her. Not anymore!

Piccu said...

The Long Island chick seems a little fake to me. I don't believe she is a blonde, she seems like an Italian girl to me.

Most of the singers still have an affectation. They seem to be "playing" a rock star instead of just being themsleves and letting the music take them where they wanna go. And I loved it when Dave called a couple of people on it.

That is why I think the Dilana is the best right now because, even though she does some chicken dancing, she seems to be real and doesn't go in with a plan of, "what moves should I do?"

BRATCH said...

Again, I think the women are really screwed in this competition. Maybe not if this whole Supernova band is going to stay together for 90 days and then part ways.

Toby is in the lead bar none. I'm sorry, but Dilana's chicken dance is unforgivable. And someone told her that because I don't think she did more than walk out on stage for her last performance. That won't be very entertaining for a world tour.

There is more to it than singing. The problem that everyone is having right now is that they are taking into consideration only the criticism given to them and no one else.

Toby, Magni, Dilana. Dilana and Storm Large (I hope she didn't make up that name) are probably the only chicks that have a chance. The chick that plays the guitar is alright too, but who knows. Either way a chick will not win. They are just humoring them.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, since the vote-off show last night, think that Jill had redeemed herself. I still don't know if she is 'the one' to front this band but thought she was way better than Tuesday.

Storm Large, that is just a frightning name. If it a stage name she does need to change it.

I think Toby may give Tommy Lee a run in the ladies department and Tommy knows he would have compitition.

I really want the guys to get rid of rude-girl Z. I think they may not have kicked her to the curb last night for the following reason's (a) it would have been seen as a retaliation (b) dude who sange 'unplugged' was in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row.

Piccu said...

Toby looks like any other boy band rocker type that is in rock right now. Dilana looks like no one else, ever. She has a cool look, she has a bad a** voice, and chicken dance or no, she seems to have the less affectations of all the singers. She isn't following the lead singer playbook like the rest of them.

Toby is the lead guy and will probably win, but he isn't the best yet. Ring of Fire topped a song that was out two weeks ago.

The guy who got the boot, while I thought he did very good with the Tonic song, he deserved to be gone. Two weeks in a row and America hates you.

Did you see the looks the Puerto Rican girl was giving the Long Island girl as she sang Bring Me To Life? She was not happy about someone singing a song she sang on the first show.

I thought the Puerto Rican girl's version of You Really Got Me was pretty good, the second time thru. I still do not think she has a chance. Realistically there are about 5 that have a chance, the rest are just there to fill out the show.

Orelinde_03 said...

We're all ragging on Dilana's 'chicken dance' but what about P.R. Girl's herky-jerky moves when she sings. Especially when singing You Really Got Me. I did like how she did the song...but I do not think she is the best, by far. And I do not like her attitude, just as I do not like Lukas's attitude.

I was wondering why P.R.-Girl was giving such hateful looks to L.I.-Girl...thought she just realized the girl was rocking and didn't like the compitition. If you think about it P.R.-Girl was in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row too, right?

Piccu said...

She wasn't in the final bottom three for two weeks ina row. Last week was three guys, but she was at some point in the bottom three thru out the voting.

I saw her doing some sort of rock freestyle swimming during Tuesday's performance. I thought she was sassy, but her English as a second language is going to put the kibosh on her.