Friday, July 21, 2006

What's The Best Candybar?

This week's Friday Question of the Day is simple. What is the world's best candy bar. And let's be clear, this has to be a bar. Ferero Rocher need not apply. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups need not apply. Skittles need not apply. Jujy Fruit need not apply.
Let's try to at least name your top 5, if not your top 10.

Here's a tentative list to get you started.

Milky Way
Three Musketeers
Take 5 (A rookie)
Baby Ruth
Almond Joy


Orelinde_03 said...

Now this is WAY unfair! If it has chocolate, there is NO such thing as a bad candy bar.

Although I am partial to dark chocolate, I'd have to go with either: Almond Joy or Snickers.

Travis said...

Orlinde, candy bars don't have feelings, so don't worry about insulting one or the other.

My top 5:
1. Snickers - The world's perfect candy bar. Peanuts, nougat (who knew what nougat was before Snickers?!?), chocolate, & caramel. It's got sugar, lots of carbs, and protein. It's the pizza of candy bars.
2. Take 5 - A rookie, but man, that's a good candy bar. I like a salty and sweet mixture. The pretzel at the base gives the salty taste. Good, good stuff.
3. Zero - White chocolate candy bars? Yep, it all started right here with the Zero. It's almost like a bizarro Snickers. White instead of milk chocolate. Almonds instead of peanuts.
4. Baby Ruth - Who likes peanuts? I do, I do. Possibly the messiest candy bar in history because one bite dislodges a quarter cup of chocolate covered peanuts. Eat it in the car and you'll have a half dozen tiny chocolate spots on your seats.
5. Hershey's Special Dark - Admittedly, I can't eat a whole regular size candy bar of this one. But it's my favorite Hershey's minature. GREAT with a cup of hot coffee.

Piccu said...

Interesting question and I have the answer. My top 5 favorite candy bars are as follows:
1. Butterfinger
2. Butterfinger
3. Butterfinger
4. Butterfinger
t5. Butterfinger
t5. Three Musketeers
t5. Baby Ruth
t5. Snickers
t5. Milky Way

Butterfinger is the greatest of all time, I don't wanna hear any argument. You might as well slag my girl, Diliana, before you ever say anything bad about my Butterfinger.

Milky Way should be a little higher, it was my superstitious bowling fuel when I was in a bowling league. If I was having a bad night, I would go get a Milky Way and immediatly turn things around

Lauren V said...

Okay, first off, "Hi" to everyone.

Second, ummm I'm not noticing that TWIX is on the list, and I love me some TWIX bars.

So my top five would be:

5. Baby Ruth
4. Kit Kat
3. Milky Way
2. Zero
1. Twix

Also, would you consider Rolo's as a "candy bar?" I know that they are not bar-shaped, but they sure rock!

Lauren V said...

I guess scratch what I said before. Rolo's wouldn't count (too bad) because they aren't in "bar" form.... sigh...

Orelinde_03 said...

I can no longer eat peanuts or peanut butter due to tummy issues. :-( So thus my not mentioning Baby Ruth or the Take 5.

Granted Snickers has peanuts, but it is my weakness, so sometimes I torture myself and have it.

If we're REALLY going top five, here are mine:

1. Almond Joy
2. Hershey Special Dark Chololate
3. Snickers
4. Twix
5. Watchamacallit

Piccu said...

Rolos are in cylinder form and they are cut up. But, if you were to leave them in the car for a day or two and then put them into the freezer, i'm sure that they would melt together forming a cylindrical bar.

Otherwise, no Rolos for you. I am surprised we forgot about TWIX, they are inviting.

I have to say, I do love Butterfinger, but another one I like that is not on our list and is maybe not as well known, Wonka Bar. It is great milk chocolate with pieces of graham cracker in it. It is scrumptious.

BRATCH said...

For some reason my first comment didn't take.

1) Peanut Butter Twix. It's the only candy bar with the cookie crunch. And peanut butter.

2) 5th Avenue. A little softer than a Butterfinger and sometimes you can find a BF that has been setting on the shelf for too long and it's a little weird. Granted, even a bad BF is still pretty good, but I prefer the 5th Ave.

3)Zero. Piccu and I were hooked on them for about two summers when we were little.

4) Three Musketeers. The most health conscious of all of the bars. The only problem is that they are so good that you could eat 50 of them.

5) Snickers. The candy bar's candy bar.

While not a candy bar we have to give a shout out to little chocolate donuts. They've been on my training table since I was a kid.

Travis said...

Little chocolate donuts. Good comment, John.

Piccu said...

Word up to little chocolate donuts. And I've downed a lot of donuts, little chocolate donuts.