Thursday, July 06, 2006

I worry about Supernova...

First off, I'll admit that this show is somewhat entertaining. However that's only because the dudes making up "the band" are legitimate. When INXS did it, you can't bring back a band that really only had one hit almost 20 years ago and expect them to do anything.

With Supernova you know that Jason Newstead, Tommy Lee and Gilby Clark aren't going to do crappy canned American Idol songs or worse do nothing at all like INXS did. All they managed to do was make @sses of themselves on national television.

That being said, every singer they had last night was pretty flawed, but there are some big red flags that pop up quickly. I'm worried how this is going to turn out.

I'm pretty sure that anyone that picked a song that wasn't even remotely close to the music they are going to make is pretty much cut. We are talking GN'R, Metallica and Motley Crue here.

Goo Goo Dolls guy is history. The dude that sang She Talks To Angels, or She Talks To (the) Angels is cut as well. Not only did he have a munchkin voice but as soon as he ran a scale someone should have gonged him. To death.

Any folky chick tunes (i.e. Another Piece of My Heart, any Melissa Ethridge song) gets you immediately cut as well. And the chick that did the Nickelback song doesn't have a strong enough voice. Remember there are more bad rock singers than good ones, but they can all belt out a tune. She can't.

The chick that did the Nirvana song had me right up to the point where she started flailing about the place like a chicken with her head cut off. All she had to do to cap off the performance after just standing there was was grab the mic stand, walk out to the crowd, do a "rock squat,"(to stay current) then take a power stance and project strength. If she had done that, the contest would be over. Unfortunately, I don't think a chick stands a chance.

Other than her lack of singing ability and the free form dance number she did at the end of the song she had me. But like I said, the best singer isn't necessarily going to win.

The best dude of the night, I'm sad to say, was the last guy that did Rebel Yell. Again, he can't sing worth a damn, but he had a presence and the song arrangement was cool with the song stopping and kicking in again at the end.

His only problem is that the jury is still out as to whether he was actually singing the correct words because he doesn't enunciate. At all. And the biggest problem with me is that he looks like Yellow Bastard from Sin City. Except he's not yellow.

That's a big red flag... Or yellow one as the case may be.


Travis said...

Don't watch it.
Won't watch it.
Summer TV is pathetic by design to force young people outdoors as part of President Clinton's healthy kid initiative.

But one point, I actually like the INXS song they did after signing that dude. "It Ain't Pretty" is a pretty solid song. And INXS had a couple hits back in the day.

Orelinde_03 said...

I like this show...actually like it better than A.I. (And I am not a big A.I. fan.) Anyway, do not fact can go as far as saying I despise the dude who did Rebel Yell. I think he is arrogent, rude, obnoxious, and someone needs to tell him the days of Glam Rock are history.

Yes, part of being a rocker, successful or otherwise has to do with ATTITUDE...but his little stunt was absolutly uncalled for. He should have been happy with the praise Tommy and the boys heaped on him. There was NO REASON for him to be a bastard and try to pit people against people and rub salt in any wounds.

The Nirvana chick is really good, and I did enjoy the broad who sang Janis Joplin.

Let's see where SuperNova goes with this.