Thursday, July 27, 2006

American shame, Floyd Landis is a cheater.

Well, the French have finally gotten what they wanted. An American hero who battled long odds to win the Tour De France has tested positive for testosterone. Unfortunately for the frogs, this American is not Lance Armstrong. I read a story earlier this morning about Floyd Landis seemingly disappearing from other events he was schedule to attend. In the same story was the revelation that a racer had tested positive for a banned substance. Being a conspiracy dude, I put 2 and 2 together and assumed Landis was dirty.

As I was out in the field today I was listening to ESPNRadio as always, I heard on Sportscenter that he indeed did fail a test. Just when all cycling fans (all 4 of them) thought the Tour was clean for perhaps the first time in years after the huge drug scandal that knocked most of the favorites out of the race, we find out the winner is a big cheater.

I said I was a conspiracy dude, do you think this was perhaps planned to take some heat off Big Tex? Could Armstrong or American cycling officials have made a little deal with Landis to get him to “throw” the race by taking a banned substance? Will the French be satisfied that they finally have an American by the short hairs? I don’t think so. I think the French will try to dig up anything they can on Armstrong until the day he dies. But, I bet they are smoking a victory cigarette and eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery.

This seems like one of the stupidest things an athlete has ever done. He wins a race on a dying hip; the guy can barely walk and can’t cross his legs because of it. He leads, and then loses the lead and most experts say he had no chance to win, and then he makes an incredible comeback to win and becomes the new golden boy of American cycling. I would have to put this on the top ten drug incidents by athletes.


Travis said...

He's most likely guilty, by all appearances, but before we string him up, let's wait until that second sample is tested.

I think I read today that the first test may have been tested by a French organization or someone that they didn't trust.

The fact that Landis hasn't commented doesn't look good though.

BRATCH said...

That's the only real problem with this. France hates us so much that how are we to know that it wasn't tainted somehow?

And the fact of the matter is, he could be tested right now and could clear his name. If his testosterone level was too high DURING the race, surely it hasn't had time to get back to normal.

The race was like 3 days ago.

BRATCH said...

I also know that Steve Zahn will be playing him in the made for French TV movie.