Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Drugs and athletes, a winning combination.

After seeing how another of my Cincinnati Bengals got arrested again, though not just arrested but tazered, I thought I would post something I found online. It is the top ten drug incidents by athletes. I must warn some of you, Travis, that there is some bad language throughout, but it is pretty cool. Missing are Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry, and Ricky Williams. The ten included are good, including my favorite, Mr. Nate Newton.


Travis said...

Despite the fact that Bonds is the biggest name in the modern drug game, he shouldn't be #1 on this list.

To me, Nate Newton is the best. That's two busts, a total of 388 pounds, and countless thousands of dollars in cash. (FYI that's 33 pounds MORE than Newton's playing weight.) Those are Pro Bowl numbers in the Narcotics & Football League (NFL)

By the way, I'm glad I'm not the only person that questions why ESPN still employs Michael Irvin. His analysis consist of telling the world why T.O. is the greatest receiver in the game and he refuses to speak anything close to English.

Piccu said...

That may be true about Irivn, but I love listening to him. He may not know anything about being a commentator, but he is pretty funny. At least he is on The Dan Patrick Show on ESPNRadio.

BRATCH said...

I have to give Nate Newton the nod as being number one. All of the rest of these people are using recreational drugs. Newton was friggin' moving some serious product.

That's smugglin' weight he was moving. Everyone else is trying to have a good time while Nate Newton is trying to make sure we all have a good time.

Let's also not forget that Nate literally had a passion for his pot.

Piccu said...

I will never forget the interview he recently did in which he explained why he was moving so much product. Nate said that he wanted people to think Nate Newton when they thought of weed. The man has lofty ambitions. Instead we all now think Idiot when we think of Nate Newton.