Thursday, July 13, 2006

Littler Sturgis Rally this weekend...

It happens every year here in Kentucky. It's a fairly large motorcycle rally called Little Sturgis. Of course, most everyone knows about the gigantic rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, but this one is smaller in the super small town of Sturgis, KY.

Some friends of mine usually go and have a good time, but I'm going to actually go this year and check out the bike show since my buddy is entering his bike and will ultimately win. I'm also going to bike show because it happens to be free. To officially get into the rally itself will cost you about $40.

Also, my buddy's chopper was featured in a somewhat local motorcycle magazine called Thunder Roads of Kentucky. The magazine is free and it can be downloaded from their website.

It's a nice little magazine especially to be pretty much a one man show, but it will be everywhere at Sturgis with my photo on the cover of Copious, the spoon covered chopper built by Chuck Weedman of 7 Customs. On the inside is more photos of the chopper and below are two photos that weren't in the magazine.

The black bike is an '88 HD Sportster. It was originally an 883, but at some point in its life someone added a 1200 Screamin' Eagle kit to it and then some. It absolutely screams so it's not just a clever name. Chuck took it down to the bare frame and rebuilt the bike and painted it matte black with ghost flames and as you can see there is a ton of chrome. And those pipes are the loudest I've ever heard.

The photo below it is Chuck on Copious with another photo of Copious on bottom. These photo were taken at our local airport since the background was nicer. It pays to know the head mechanic who rides his Harley wide glide to work every day.

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