Wednesday, July 26, 2006

RockStar:SuperNova analysis Week 4

Here are my thoughts on this week’s RockStar: SuperNova. I realized this week that none of these people are very good, but there are three or four who stick out from the rest of the crowd just a bit.

Udo(Lukas)-He went first and sang Bittersweet Symphony with a guitar that he didn’t play. It was a Jon Bon Jovi moment. He was decent.

Zayra-She sang Call Me by Blondie and I like the arrangement, but I am not sure she knew the words or just decided to not sing them most of the time. I did enjoy her catsuit. I hate that she always wants to talk back to the band when they are trying to help her. She is not going to win this thing. She is not Axl Rose, she is Bjork.

Dana- She sang another Nirvana song; it seems that Nirvana songs are all this show has to offer. She is too cute and too talented to be on this show. She is AI, not RockStar.

Patrice-She sang Remedy from The Black Crowes. She is bland and forgetful and not very good. She seems to sing the same song every week.

Toby-He sang White Wedding and sounded like a good impersonation of Udo(Lukas) singing a Billy Idol song. The more I see this guy, the less he impresses me.

Magni-He sang We Could be Heroes, and I liked how he played it. He gets better every week and the band was just nitpicking about how he decided to move or not move around during the song.

Ryan-He sang Live’s I Alone. The song sucked, his stupid wristband sucks, and he sucks.

Jill-She sang Brown Sugar and Gilby played lead on it. She seems like another Black Velvet singer to me. She looks slutty enough to be a rock singer, but she isn’t talented enough. And quit grinding up on Gilby, it is embarrassing.

Phil(The Mumbler)-He sang One Headlight and he sucked. This guy cannot seem to fully pronounce his words. He sings like he doesn’t care and the band looked like they didn’t care during his performance.

Dilana-She sang Time After Time by Cindi Lauper and instead of being scared when I heard this was her song, I was excited to see what she would do with it. It wasn’t her best, but I believe it was the best this night. She is so unique that I really can’t see anyone but here deserving to win. Odds makers have her at 1:1 odds right now, by the way.

Josh-He sang No Rain. No Rain, how about No Rock. He is weak and he sucked. He wants to bring soul to SuperNova. This show is called RockStar not SoulStar. Get rid of him, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Storm-I still think her name is fake, she sang a song I have never heard from a band I have never heard. I don’t mind her voice but I would rather see her in Playboy than a rock band. I have said in the past she used the Rock ‘N’ Roll Lead Singer’s Handbook, well, she also watches School of Rock and uses it to her advantage. Storm always has at least one moment where she opens her eyes real wide and smiles and then looks around like there is something wrong. That is exactly what Jack Black instructs the kid guitar player to do in the movie. She annoys me so bad, but she isn’t the worst.

Bottom three this week are as follows, Josh, Zayra, and Patrice. They all stink and should leave, but I believe that if Josh makes the bottom three, he will be gone, gone, gone.

The leaders in my opinion are Dilana, Magni, Toby and Storm. That is the end of my dissertation this week. I wish I could quit you, RockStar!


BRATCH said...

I never thought there would be a smokin' hot chick that wouldn't want to watch sing a rock song, but Storm is it.

Anyway, with the exception of her, have you noticed that all of the best contestants are from another country?

Dilana is from South Africa, Toby is Austrailian and the eventual winner, Magni, is Icelandic.

Orelinde_03 said...

I am rooting for Dilana...and after speaking with my friend Claire this morning we both agreed we have girl crush's on Dilana.

When I heard what Dilana's choice was last night: I almost threw-up. But when I heard her SING it, was so IMPRESSED. She is by far the best out of this group.

Lucas Rossi- I finally figured out what it is about him. His looks remind me of a muncheechee. Remember them? I just can not get excited when he sings.

Phil or Freak-girl Zayra are the next to go I think. Freak-girl just needs to go away, mad or otherwise. Phil just doesn't have what they need...and I like Phil.

I thought Gilby got irked when Jill was all up on him. And to be honest, I think it was too much. She did sing the song well...but it was like 'oohhh I stage with Gilby...let me rub on him!' Not cool Jill, ruined your credibility!

Patrice and Toby are like chamomile tea. Either you like them or you don't. And I think Patrice is way too bland.

Why aren't these people getting the point that the panel are all ESTABLISHED rockers, and that they (the contestants) need to PROVE THEMSELVES to the band? Not the other way around.

BRATCH said...

Zayra is hot, but she has this accent that comes and goes that's weird. And when it hits sometimes you have no idea what she just said/sang.

And she has this insane attitude that she's auditioning for some old dudes that should be glad that she's even there.

What makes that attitude insane is that she can't sing a lick.

Piccu said...

Not being able to sing is not Zayra's problem. You don't have to be a great singer to lead a rock band, he problem is she is too back talky for this group and she wants to do more industrial type rock.

These three guys are not going to let this girl push them around and everytime she speaks with them, that is what she is trying to do. She needs to shut up and try some straight ahead rock songs otherwise, she will be out quicker thn she deserves.

I really think that the females are much better than the males in this competition. But, as usual, it will be almost impossible for a woman to win this and have any sort of respect from T-Lee.

Orelinde_03 said...

I like T-Lee...but you can practically see him salivating whenever a chick is up there doing her thing.

I think Dilana may be the only one who would be able to keep him in line (out of all the girls.)

Piccu said...

The dude on the Rock 'N' Roll Geek Show podcast think that Patrice and Dilana are lesbians. I do not think he has any evidence to back this up, but this might keep T-Lee at bay. I just know you can't have a band where the drummer spends most of his time trying to have sex with the lead singer.

Piccu said...

Phil is gone and I am so happy, although I would be happier if Josh and his Mr. SoulMan act were gone. I can't even look at him without throwing up a little.

I thought Patrice had her best moment of the whole show last night. She has been paying attention to both Storm and Dilana and put that to good use.

I was disappointed in the songs because I hadn't heard of two of them and I had only heard the Radiohead song last week on XM. I guess that there is some trouble getting clearance for some songs and the "rockers" are banking on the independant songs to be easier to get.

I am really starting to hate Tommy Lee and his little unfunny act. He is trying to be witty and bright and he just comes off as an eighth grader.

Orelinde_03 said...

I hate to say it, because we know where I stand with Tommy. But I agree, there is only so much you can take of his antics. Although I have to say he DID seem really upset to say 'Bye Bye Bye' to Phil.

I am still floored by the reaction of all the contestants. They were SHOCKED that freak-girl Zayra did not get the boot. I was shocked that she DID NOT get the boot.

I find myself loosing interest when they sing songs I never heard of before. But I guess there is only so many songs they are leagally able to have access to.

I can't help but wonder if anyone will have the gall to do a Motley, G-n-R or Jason song?

Piccu said...

I bet Axl wouldn't let a G'n'R song anywhere near that show, and you know Metallica won't have anything to do with it. The Crue, maybe, but I doubt any of the contestants, except for Zayra, would have the onions to sing a song from one of the band memeber's catalog.

I think Zayra has a chance to so something after the show. She is not a great singer, but she does know how to perform. She needs to find some sort of guru and become an industrial/pop star.