Friday, July 21, 2006

Jessica Biel is an expensive lunch date.

Who would you pay $30,000 to have a simple lunch date with? A senior VP of an oil and gas company paid that much to have a lunch date with “The Sexiest Woman Alive,” Jessica Biel. I began to think, who is worth $30,000 to me for a lunch date?

I have a large number of candidates and I’m sorry Jessica, you are not on the list. Don’t take it so hard, I think you are a beautiful girl and a so-so actress, but there are plenty of sexier fish in the sea. Maybe in a few years.

Back to the post, I know Travis already has given us the Question of the Day, but I thought I would give another. Who would you be willing to “buy” for a $30,000 lunch date. For the ladies they can pick guys…or girls, not that there’s anything wrong with it and married guys can pick too, unless you don’t have the guts. You could even pick someone you would just like to sit down and talk with, what do I care?

My top five is as follows…

Jessica Alba-I know this is a shocker. You would have never figured out I loved Jessica Alba. I only have two posters of her dressed as Nancy from Sin City, one of them is door size. I am a geek.

Cameron Diaz-Man, I hate putting her second. I love you Cameron.

Kristen Bell-Miss Veronica Mars herself, come on, you knew she would make the list.

Lauren Bacall-She is my favorite “classic” living actress, I would just love to sit and talk about her life and her life in the movies. I’ll admit, I watched a Bogart movie last night and that may be compromising my pick.

Jennifer Aniston-I am not an Angelina guy, I am a Jennifer guy and she is smoking.

There’s my list, not too bad if I do say so myself.


Travis said...

Shame on you for putting up a second list. But I will humor you with my top 5, which will vary largely from yours.
First, let's remember, this is a lunch date, not a private dance in the champaign room. So just because you're sexy, doesn't mean you make the list. There will be conversation, so ditzes are out as well. Oh, and my wife doesn't make the list because I can have lunch with her for free. But I would gladly pay if I had to. That preface giving, here's my list:

1. Jennifer Anniston - She's gorgeous and seems as "normal" as any actress that is regularly hounded by the press.
2. Nicole Kidman - I was never a big Kidman fan. But now you've got to think that A) she's easy on the eyes and B) she's going to have some great stories.
3. Gabrielle Union - Am I a traiter to my race? Yep. She's smoking hot and she graduated with honors from UCLA with a sociology degree.
4. Sara Watkins (from Nickel Creek) - This is a music crush. She can play the fiddle/violin in bluegrass and celtic styles. She's got a whisper soft voice and I think she's cute.
5. Jamie Pressly - Again, easy on the eyes and I'll be she's got a great sense of humor.

BRATCH said...

I'm not going to give you a list because it begins and ends with Rhona Mitra.


Piccu said...

I can't help but notice, Mr. Intelligence, that all your picks happen to be hot chicks, but that is neither here nor there.

I was just finishing up Time this week and saw another $30,000 person, if not more. Scarlett Johansson. She is tied with Jessicca Alba. Why I forgot her, I do not know.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, you three totally need a girl's view point on this topic.
1. Colin Farrell
2. Colin Farrell
3. Colin Farrell
4. Joe Perry
5. Colin Farrell

Seriousley? Here are my picks:
1. Colin Farrell- He has the 'bad boy' with a 'warm' touch about him. He cusses, can smoke (and used to drink) like a fiend, is a dad now. He is funny as all hell, supports certain charities, and you just know that you'll have a good time doing what-ever it is he proposes to do. Also he has that Irish brogue going.

2. Jim Morrison- He was a nice lookin' dude. But I'd love to just know what was going on in his head.

3. Johnny Depp- Another one who you just know you'll have fun with. (And when I say fun, it doesn't have to be of the 'dirty' kind.) He is again, funny, talented on different levals, down-to-earth, and someone I would just love to know what was going on in his head.

4. Bono & Steven Tyler- I have to place them in a tied posistion. Only because Bono has brought such awarness to the public about the suffering, and problems of Africa. He really has made an impact on my life with The One Campaign and DATA. So much, that for the past year, I have sponsered a little girl in Kenya. Steven Tyler does a lot of stuff for The Angel Connection and Habitat for Humanity and what-not. So these two guys are like, my idols.

5. My Uncle Frank- to be able to spend five more minutes with him would not only be a miracle. But there would be nothing better. (He passed away 6 years ago.)

Travis said...

I can see why you've had trouble finding the "right guy" Orlinde. Good grief.
Collin Farrell? He's had one good movie that was so littered with profanity it sounded more like an NWA concert than a feature film. Since then he's most famous for being a freak.

Jim Morrisson struck me as the kind of guy you'd talk to, then you'd realize that your life was not weird at all in comparison.

Johnny Depp was born in a town with Moonlite and an abundant beer supply and he moved to France. You tell me what's right with that.

Steven Tyler...that's just your Aeorsmith fetish coming through. I guess we all have our things.

Bono is too busy feeding the world and rescuing AIDS victims for a measley $30,000 lunch date. But that's not a bad choice.

Your uncle Frank, while dismissing the unstated purpose of this discussion, is probably a great choice.

Orelinde_03 said...

Hey Travis....what can I say? I'm a red-blooded girl, thus my Collin Farrell fetish. :-)

And if Piccu can moon over Dilana, then I can moon over Colin, right? Which of Colin's flick's did you think was his 'one good one?' because I KNOW you can't be talking about Alexander or The New World...both which made ME want to *gag*.

I just don't get the Jennifer Aniston thing that most guys get. *Shakes head* But I'll let you slide w/ Nicole Kidman Gabrielle Union & Jamie Pressly. Nicole is 'classic', Gabby is 'brains', so I can put 2 + 2 on the Jamie thing. :-)

Travis said...

Jennifer Anniston is very attractive, plays characters that are fun and seems to be a good person. Of course you can tell all of that from watching her on Letterman!

Phone Booth is the *bleep*ing movie I'm *bleep*ing talking about you *bleep*ing *bleep*.

Call me old fashioned, but I can't stand to hear that much profanity in a movie. Hollywood scripts get easier to write everyday with that garbage.

Orelinde_03 said...

I have a potty mouth, nothing I should be bragging about. But I have to agree with you. Some of the dialogue...not to mention vulgarity in movies today is just BAD.

Travis said...

Don't get me started. I can't watch anything on TV without hearing words that used to be taboo. Its either that, or they're bleeping every other word like on VH1 and MTV.
I understand that I'm the minority on this issue. Most people don't care about hearing bad language on TV and in fact, they probably don't even notice it.
But I have an 8 month old son. I notice it. And I hate it.