Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Wedge Nazi... Por favor?

After reading Piccu's Seinfeld moment of the day with the peanuts, it reminded me of a Seinfeld moment that we forgot to post a few days ago.

Piccu, myself and The Don usually get together for lunch and there are various places in town in which we can choose to dine. Usually it ends up at the deli of a local not-so-super market. Anyway, The Don suggested we hit Charlie's Convenient Store, Market, Tobacco Outlet, Laudromat & Casino to get some food.

You see, Charlie is famous for his potato wedges. Now I know what you are thinking, "Are we talking about fried potato chunks here?" Yes we are and while there isn't much difference between a good wedge and a bad wedge, Chuck makes a pretty mean potato wedge.

This joint is just a few of blocks down the street, but we had to drive because it was 158 degrees and I'm not sure there are any sidewalks connecting it to civilization.

We get down there and The Don is first up and he orders a couple of cheeseburgers and some wedges. And if you can imagine it, we are standing in line at eye level with the wedges and assorted burgers and sandwiches. That way you don't have to ask questions about what you can't see in the back of the warming cabinet. The Wedge Nazi is wise.

The Don steps up as the Wedge Nazi gets his burgers and wedges and The Don probably upsets the Wedge Nazi because he used a debit card which slows the process of slingin' wedges considerably. And The Don also screwed Piccu and myself in that we each got a sandwich or burger and paid way more than The Don.

After The Don signs his John Hancock to the debit card receipt, the Wedge Nazi takes and then files the receipt. After turning for literally a half second to file the receipt, The Don picked up his bag and before he could even begin to walk away the Wedge Nazi asks in a sharp tone, "Can I help you with something?"

It was at this point that The Don looked at us and I looked back at him as if to say, "Just go, man!" Because, as I said before, these are good wedges and it would suck to get a "NO WEDGES FOR YOU! COME BACK ONE YEAR!" He did screw me out of two or three bucks though.

Heck, it might be a year or more before we go back, but it's always good to know that you have the option of a burger and some wedges. Back in the day you used to could (Western Kentucky slang for "you were able to") get what was affectionately known as a Bag O' Burgers and some wedges. It was the bomb, as the kids say.

So that was our run in with the Wedge Nazi and let me tell you, they were some pretty friggin' good wedges.


Travis said...

I can honestly say there are few things I miss about living in the real OC. I miss my high school buddies, I miss the country setting, and I miss my old congregation I used to worship with. But perhaps more than all of these things combined, I miss those wedges.
Curse you bratch, for rekindling that enduring flame of lust for those wedges that had been hidden in the back of my mind.
Curse you, indeed.

Orelinde_03 said...

I don't get it. Why was the wedge nazi so mean to The Don, after the transaction was finished? If he receipt was signed, and the food in hand, did The Don walk away too slowly? Why the snarky 'Can I help you?'?

And why did he then screw you and Piccu out of dough? I so wouldn't go back for the potato wedges anymore.

Piccu said...

He didn't really screw us out of some cash, The Don got a regular cheeseburger and Bratch and I got "speciality" burgers. Bratch got chicken and we all know chicken will cost you.

One of the reasons The Don and Charlie don't get along is because they have a history. The Don does not like Charlie very much and I'm not so sure Charlie is in love with The Don.

The Don is the editor of the local newspaper and Charlie had some trouble with an employee a few years back and while The Don was trying to get the whole story, Charlie had a no comment type attitude. Which, if you knew the story and what happened, was very strange. So I think Charlie's bad blood still exists.

It was rather hilarious though.

BRATCH said...

That's what makes him the Wedge Nazi. Don didn't have enough time to even take the first step away from the counter. But that was too slow in eyes of the Wedge Nazi.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ah-ha! Now I got you guys. See it doesn't take much to confuse me, and I was confused.

Next time you guys go to Charlie's for some grub...try a "NO cash for you!"