Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let the battles begin! Who should be in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame?

After being flabbergasted at the fact Alice Cooper is not in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, I have decided to start an argument. Or something like that. What bands out there right now, should be or will be “hall of famers?” This doesn’t need to be bands or artists that are currently in the charts, for example, Van Halen. This includes acts that are knocking about right now or acts that maybe have seen their time go by, but made a difference.

I am the type of guy that does not want a hall of fame watered down, so there must be some guidelines for induction. Here is the R’n’R hall of fame’s guidelines, “Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist’s contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll.” Perhaps there should be more to it than that, but that is pretty succinct.

So by looking at those guidelines, who should be in and better yet, who do you think will be in when it is all said and done?

Van Halen-They should already be in. They influenced rock n roll more than any band in the 1980’s. Van Halen led to hair metal, not that that is anything to brag about. Eddie Van Halen has inspired more people to pick up the guitar than any other guitar slinger alive. They are also one of the few bands to survive losing a lead singer and go on to even more success with a replacement.

Metallica-There is no doubt this band will get in. The Black album is one of the biggest selling of all time. They have influenced many bands. Like them or not, everyone knows the song Enter Sandman and everyone likes it. That should be part of the criteria, if you love a song by a band you would not normally listen to, then that band is doing something right. They survived tragedy, alcohol, and therapy. Stone cold lead pipe lock.

KISS-Why they are not already in is a mystery to me. They have been around for a thousand years. Up until about 10 years ago they put out new music. They have survived lineup changes and make up changes. Sure they slapped their name on everything to transistor radios to caskets, but rock n roll is a business. KISS should not be penalized for being smart or greedy. The Eagles weren't penalized for greed. Nine out of ten “rockers” today will tell you they love KISS. Besides Black Sabbath, who got in this year, this is the biggest injustice in the history of rock.

The White Stripes-The White Stripes have led to a mini revival of alt rock or independent music, or whatever you want to call it. They are already influencing today’s music because there are now a ton of bands that a) are missing one piece of the traditional guitar, bass, drums formula, b) are a twosome consisting of a guy/guy and guy/girl, c) sound like they recorded in a barn in Rosine, KY. Each of The White Stripes’ albums has sold more than the last. Jack White is not afraid to experiment with his sound. The White Stripes are so anti-selling out that after their album Elephant, which made good use of loud, bluesy guitars, their follow-up, Get Behind Me Satan, was a piano and marimba album with very little guitar histrionics. At the end of their run, they will make it to Cleveland.

Korn-Bear with me. When it is all said and done, I think Korn may be able to slip in. They influenced heavy metal throughout the 90’s. They have sold millions of albums. They have a signature “sound,” you always know a Korn song when you hear it. If they can put out another hit record or two, I think they could get in within the next 30 years.

There something to argue about. I think there are many others, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, the Crue, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Son House, SRV and others. Besides Korn, I do not think there is anything to argue about. But you can try.


Travis said...

SRV without a doubt.

Nirvana is a lock.


Pearl Jam

Ok, those last three are future inductees because of their influence. Especially Nirvana.

Piccu said...

I agree with Nirvana, no doubt.

I love Soudngarden perhaps more than any other grunge band, but not sure if they have a long enough legacy.

Pearl Jam is on their way, they are quickly becoming the Dead of our generation, alhough the Dead are not in the hall of fame.

Travis said...

You may be correct about Soundgarden, which is a shame because those guys made some outstanding music.

I'm kind of glad the Dead aren't in there. They are the most overhyped band in history.

Johnny Rivers should be in. He was a great guitarist that bridged the gap from Doo Wop rock to a bit more of the guitar driven stuff. "Secret Agent Man" should be enough.

Three Dog Night had a terrific string of number one's and had timeless songs like "Celebrate" and "One is the Loneliest Number."

Orelinde_03 said...

I think the Joe Perry Project should be inducted.


I think AudioSlave
U2....(if they are not already in there.)

Travis said...

U2 is in.
Metallica certainly should be on influence if nothing else.

Audioslave? Two albums? Come on Orlinde, you're a bit premature on that one.

Piccu said...

It may be a bit premature on Audioslave, but if those musical forces of nature can stay together for 10 to 15 years, you have to give them a good shot. They already have two albums out and I believe number three arrives this fall or winter. A mixture of Soundgarden and Rage smells like cetain hall of fame.

I personally hope the band breaks up and all parties return to their former bands. As good as Audioslave is, I would much rather have both Soundgarden and Rage making new music.

Can Rage make the cut? They defintely had the albums and the influence, but maybe not quite enough. I think that of the bands that originated or broke big in the 90's, Rage, Tool, and Jane's Addiction will be the ones remembered.

Call me crazy, but I think Jane's Addiction should be considered for the hall. You listen back to some of their stuff and they were way ahead of the game.

Travis said...

I can agree with that to an extent. To me, Jane's Addiction is close but no cigar. Staying power should count for something.

If Rage could have held together, I'd second that one quickly.

Piccu said...

With the way Jane's regroups and breaks up every 5 years, by 2030 they may have enough staying power.