Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who are the bigger idiots? Local vs. federal politicians. I have the answer, for now.

You gotta love small town politics. I sometimes wonder which politicians are the bigger idiots, federal or local politicians. After Hurricane Katrina, I began to think that federal politicians were the bigger idiots and then I see this story in the Messenger-Inquirer and the Ohio County Times News. Two of our Beaver Dam city officials got into a regular street fight in the parking lot of the volunteer fire department. I have seen and heard a lot of stupid things in my time, especially when it came to local politics, but this takes the cake.

Apparently the two morons got heated over an article in the OC Times News about the hiring of a new BD police chief. Charles Patton and BD's great, fantastic, wonderful, flawless mayor Mary Pate told the paper that Larry Morphew had been telling people that the city commission had already decided on a new chief before thee final applicants were chosen. Basically, someone was going to get the position Michael Brown FEMA style otherwise known as by the good ol boys network down here.

When you use the good ol boys network, you let everyone apply for the position, but you already have a person in mind. The application process is just a necessary procedure before you hire your buddy or a friend of a friend. Because Morphew starting mouthing off about already having a person for the position before there should have been, the commission started everything over and finally hired a person from Las Vegas to be the new chief. I am sure many are unhappy with this, especially many good ol boys, but this was probably the best hire.

Back to the blood feud, Larry Morphew took exception to being called out in the paper for telling something that was probably true, but shouldn't be said out loud. I do not know why they were in the parking lot of the fire dept., possibly after a meeting, but according to Patton and a witness, Morphew hit Patton and started beating him like a rented mule. According to Morphew, Patton hit him first and then Morphew started to beat him like a red headed step child. Whatever the case, apparently, Patton got his rear handed to him.

So now, both have filed assault charges and both are laughingstocks of the community and if they aren't, they should be. In fact, I believe that they both should be relieved of their duties because if they can't make decisions without throwing down in an empty parking lot, I wouldn't want them to make my city's decisions.

It just goes to show that just when you think you have idiocy in America figured out and you think it isn't in your backyard, you have two local jackasses start a street fight over comments in a newspaper. These two need to have their good ol boys card revoked.

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BRATCH said...

Actually, the volunteer fire department, city hall and police station are all in the same building there in BD. Either way, it's just insane.

I can't see how small town two bit politicians can get so carried away with their jobs. But I guess it's like this everywhere.

But at least our politicians will throw down.