Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Shows, New Seasons

I am proud to announce the beginning of a fall tv lineup that is the first time in many years I have had cable. Even more of a change, it is the first time I have had DVR. So in the Piccuian spirit serial tv taping I am embracing afall lineup indiscriminately (at least to some extent) taping all sorts of new crap. If I like, I 'll keep taping it, if not then I'll dump.

So far I have caught a few shows. First of which is the new one, Bones. In the spirit of CSI, this first show was fairly well written scientifically, entertaining, but the characters were somewhat over the top. I'm going to stay tuned and I must say I like it better than CSI:NY and CSI:Miami, but not nearly as well as the Las Vegas CSI. There is the one major gripe I have about this show and the CSI's. I know that what they are doing is happening in reality, but these shows take away the extended time element that has to be taken to accomplish what they do and the extended time element of getting labs back. There is a forensic anthropologist in Frankfort, KY. So for one thing in the show it makes the statement the next closest one to Washington DC is in Canada. That's not true. When I was doing autopsies for a month in medschool, I saw some of this woman's work. It is amazing. She takes skulls and makes clay models on top representing what the people looked like. When these models are side by side with photos, it's really unbelievable. She was one of the key people in sending Joel Rifken to Jail by identifying one of his last victims and connecting him to all of the murders. If you've got extra dvr space or time then check this show out.

Another one that we watched last week was Reunion. It is very poorly written in terms of some of the dialogue that goes on, but over all I think the storyline could be good. The thing I like about the show is that I grew up in the time that this show covers. Essentially, each episode is another year in the progression of these six friends. They go to painstaking efforts to show what the culture was like in that year with music, clothes, and other things going on. That is pretty cool, since I grew up in much of this time period. We'll see how it shapes up, but I intend to continue dvring.

Another show we watched was Supernatural, which repeats tonight if you are interested. Essentially, these two brothers and their dad lost the mom in the family years before in some supernatural manner and now the these guys are "ghost hunters." One brother doesn't want to do it anymore. The other brother and dad are gung ho. While it is very unbelieveable, they are attempting to take the place of the x-files in a hipper, more teeny-bopper way. It was ok. If we have dvr space and are able we'll tape and watch it when nothing else is on.

House was entertaining as usual. He was a bigger ass than last season but even funnier at times. As you can imagine much of the medicine is written fairly well, with the exception that these doctor's do everything in terms of tests, scans, and procedures. That isn't anywhere close to the real world. Also, they take the rarest cases and show them as if that happens on a weekly basis. For example they had a pheochromocytoma on this week. In med school we here about it in every single class, but it is so rare that most doctors will go their career without seeing it. There is a joke in the first clinic year of med school (3rd year). What are the two things you'll never see in 3rd year of med school? a pheochromcytoma and a nurse taking the stairs. The views expressed are not representative of those here at Incongruent-Affect.

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