Monday, September 12, 2005

Big Brother 6 proves cheaters prosper...or something like that.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good reality TV show. Heck, I am a sucker for a bad reality TV show. One of my favorites right now is a show called Big Brother 6. Yes, the 6 means this is the sixth edition and if you have never seen it, I recommend checking out the seventh edition. This edition is just about over with the crowning of the champ on the 20th, I believe.

The great thing about BB is the great thing about most reality shows in which you have to vote someone off the show, you always have a group of players who want to play the “game” honest and with integrity. That is all fine and good, but you need to lie, cheat and steal to win most games like BB and Survivor. Or you can just be a part of a strong alliance and luck out in the end. That is a rarity.

In this BB an alliance was formed very early on with 5 or 6 people in it. They referred to themselves as “The Friendship,” while the opposing side referred to them as “The Nerd Herd” or the “Girl Scouts.” I say opposing side and that is what I mean, for the first time there were two sides and there was no hiding it. Each person referred to the other side as the other side or the other team. It was a battle week after week with losses taken by both sides to get down to the final four.

The final four consists of 3 women of the Nerd Herd and 1 woman of the other side. The one is by far the smarter and more athletic of any of the other side and should make the final two. Her name is Janelle and she is a monster. She has one more events than the other side combined and she has won America’s Choice twice.

America’s Choice is a question that usually involves giving something to one of the houseguests and the BB viewers have to vote on who they want to win. Janelle won a phone call from a guy she had hooked up with in the house and had only known for two weeks. The Nerd Herd lost it and couldn’t believe America picked Janelle. Any of them deserved a call from there loved ones more than she did. One of the group even called the viewers “pieces of @#%$” for voting for Janelle. Yikes. It was hilarious to see.

Janelle has not been an honest player. She has lied and she has used people to get what she needed, but that is the way the game is played. Because of that, I was surprised to see her win the next America’s Choice and she got to leave the house for a while. Well, the Nerd Herd’s heads exploded. There were tears. April, the one who called the viewers feces, once again called viewers feces. They all sat around and talked about how they were so much better people and deserved to win more than Janelle. April, the biggest you know what in the game, kept saying she was a great person and she never has said she hated anyone, then BB cut to about 10 different times in the game she has said she hated so and so. April has got to be the most disliked player ever.

These morons sat around and ran down Janelle and said some pretty outrageous things for a group of good people with good hearts. At least Janelle will tell you she is doing everything she can to win. I respect that. I don’t respect weak players who are there because they have the numbers. And these ignorant holier than thou people wonder why they never win an America’s Choice. These so called good people, these honest people are just miserable. That I love.

I hate when someone plays a game like this and believes they can do no wrong and they have been 100% honest in their game play, when we the viewers know it to be false. Richard Hatch proved it in the first Survivor, you can not go through the game without lying and without in most cases compromising your beliefs. As far as I am concerned, if you have to choose between a friend you have just made in the game and a chance at some money and your family, you say goodbye to your new friend. It may be a “reality” show, but it is a game and it should be played that way. It’s about as real life as a game of Chutes and Ladders.

We need to get a reality show that has nothing but lying, backstabbing, cheats and put them on and that way we never have to hear the sob story about how someone played this game honestly and it’s not fair the cheater wins. That’s life in reality TV.

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