Thursday, September 15, 2005

Atheist gets victory in 'Under God' case

That's the headline and it's linked to the Associated Press story about the dude, notice I didn't use the plural form of dude, who would like to have 3 syllables removed from our Pledge of Allegiance in public schools.

I'm not going to get into the case or the article for that matter, but I just thought I would write a little bit about the subject.

The one thing that seems to be nearly stereotypically true about atheists or agnostics, or whatever you want to term people who don't believe in God or anything, is that they want to make sure you know they don't believe.

For the most part, what I've seen or read, most of them go to such extremes of explaining why they don't believe in God that it's almost like they are trying to convince themselves more than convincing you. And there is never more than one of them around because I guess they feel it would be too churchy to hang out and discuss their lack of faith.

I'm a Christian and I believe in God, but I don't go around pushing my beliefs onto unwilling people. But the atheists love to push their beliefs onto everyone else as if we are mindless sheep following our God.

This country was built around religion whether anyone likes it or not, and the primary religion was Christianity. The separation of church and state was meant to keep the government from establishing laws requiring people to worship at the Church of America(see; Revolutionary War). It said nothing about making sure that religion was bleached out of every nook and cranny of anything remotely affiliated with the government.

The founding fathers were God fearing men and laid the ground work so that people could believe what they wanted to believe and worship whoever or whatever they believed in. And unfortunately in this day and age of litigation, the atheists who so desperately want to be right are trying to remove "under God" from the constitution and get the 10 Commandments from the lawns of courthouses everywhere. Using the simple laws in ways that the founding fathers never anticipated.

And about as far as I'm concerned about the Commandments is that it's not like they are telling people to slaughter live animals every Wednesday or anything. If you are making a federal case out of "under God," why not just have the first 3 commandments left off with simply numbers designating the first three and print the last seven? The first 3 are the only ones that mention God.

Granted, the first 3 are extremely important to Christians like myself, but the last seven are pretty much words to live by. Just because the Bible says God issued these Commandments doesn't mean they aren't smart. You shouldn't kill, steal, fool around with a married woman, your neighbors wife, or your neighbors stuff, probably should keep gossiping to a minimum, and should appreciate your parents.

What is so wrong about those ideas? Those aren't Christian ideas, some are laws and the rest are common sense.

For people who don't believe in anything atheists surely fight to the death for what they don't believe in. And then pay their lawyers with money imprinted with "In God We Trust."



Anonymous said...
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Travis said...

I've heard it said that it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian. I can buy that. It's easy to look at the world, to consider you're life and how easy it is and assume there's a higher power. It's easy to look at the impressive complexity of things we consider simple (take a look at a feather sometime. The way they are constructed and woven for strenght and to be lightweight) to see how nature acts and counteracts to man's pollution and think it's been intelligently designed.

But to look at life, earth, nature, space, and the feats of humanity and say it all happened because the right elements happened to come together and evolved into millions of species of millions of genuses, of millions of organisms. That takes faith brother. A LOT of faith.

But I view atheists (who don't believe in God) agnostics (who don't believe in religion, yet believe in a god that can ONLY be found in religion) and homosexuals in the same light. Do your thing. It's none of my business.

I won't try to make you worship God, attend my church, or be straight. I expect the same courtesy from you. Don't try to tell me to ignore God around you. I can't, or I'd violate my beliefs. And frankly if you're right, then it doesn't matter. If I'm right, IT MATTERS. Don't show me how gay you are and become combative if I tell you the bible teaches against it. I didn't write the bible. I don't proclaim my heterosexuality.