Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kate Moss has snorted cocaine? Noooo.

Model Kate Moss has admitted drug use in her past, horrors upon horrors. Are we really surprised at all this? The thing I am most surprised about is that all these companies seem to be dropping her like she’s hot or in this case like she is ice cold. Moss has been a popular and well known model for what seems like decades. Why I don’t know, but it surely wasn’t a secret that she liked the nose candy.

Moss seemed to be at the forefront of the heroin chic movement that was popular and reviled all at once. The heroin chic movement got its name because most of the popular models were skinny and ugly and looked like they were heroin addicts. Turns out Moss liked coke better, and I don’t mean the drink.

Not only has Moss lost some business, but it seems the cops are looking into her past drug use. I am not sure what they can do about it now, but they are investigating the impact that this admission can have on youngsters in England. I think that her heroin chic look will have had the most ill impact on youngsters. Especially girls. Most girls dream of being a model more than they do of becoming a coke head. I would worry more about eating disorders than drug use being caused by Kate Moss.

Moss is said to be looking into rehab which is a good idea, health wise and p.r. wise. Another thing she should look into is dropping her current boyfriend. Her current boyfriend is England’s best known crack head, Pete Doherty. Haven’t heard of him? That’s because he let drugs screw up his life so bad, he wasn’t able to capitalize on his band’s good buzz and become a success. He seemed to effectively choose crack over fame and fortune. He has been to rehab countless times and it just never seems to take. If Kate Moss is serious about getting clean and helping her publicity, then she may have to cut ties with her boyfriend.

What’s more important to Kate Moss? Drugs, love and destructive behavior or money, your livelihood and your life?

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ThwartedOne said...

The hypocrisy of the press and the fashion industry in condemning Kate Moss is really annoying. Looking like a drug addict is a defining aspect of her public persona. To a certain extent, that's what all these self-righteous fashion houses are paying for when they sign Kate Moss.

On top of that, if the media were to turn the same kind of scrutiny on itself, its ability to function would be seriously inhibited: "Paper's gonna be late today, because we had to sack half the staff." And looking that closely at the fashion industry might give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "the emperor has no clothes."

As for her boyfriend, dumping a lover to improve her image would be cowardly. Dumping a lover because he took pictures of her breaking the law and sold them to tabloids, on the other hand, would be perfectly reasonable. As far as I know that's an unsubstantiated rumor, but if it didn't sound so true, I probably would never have heard it in the first place.