Friday, September 30, 2005

Bratch sucks and here is why.

You have to realize that Bratch has been spoiled by shows like CSI where you don't have to care about the characters because you know nothing about their lives other than they are science geeks. Lost has started something that the creators probably think is a good thing, bad thing. They have a hit show about survivors of a plan crash on a freaky island. They now have to come up with ways to keep things progressing and interesting while at the same time they have to spread things out because they want to go on for years and years. The longer they go the more money they all make. If this weren’t the case, I’m sure things might be coming closer to wrapping up.

Except for the BBC's The Office, you don't have a successful hit show and decide to pull up stakes after a couple of seasons and end that show. ABC would not allow it and the fans of the show would not allow it either. Lost is at the top of its game right now and I assume we will have more shows like this week's show.

I did not care for the whole Michael and Walt flashback, but I am sure there are some fans who love those characters. This was the second time Walt was taken from Michael and who knows if he will get him back this time. I am sure this episode was supposed to get us to empathize with Michael and realize how much more this must hurt than the first time Walt was taken.

When you watch Lost it is not all about what you can plainly see. I have found you have to watch Lost with a fine toothed comb. Lost is a show that makes you think and discuss after it happens. For those of us who love it, we can rarely see any wrong, for those of us who hate it, we can nitpick at the least things.

Did anyone notice that the same emblem on the hatch was on the fin of the shark that was after Sawyer? That same emblem was on the Apollo candy bars that Kate took on her escape. Did anyone realize that Hurley’s numbers add up to 108? The same number that the countdown timer reset to after Locke put in the numbers. There are many things to look for as you watch an episode of Lost. It is not just a show, it is like a game.

I would imagine that we will continue to get episodes about the survivors’ past for the whole season and as long as they are about the characters I care about the most, then I have no problem. It is how you move a story along. I assume that the writers want us to know everything about the castaways because the more we know and care about these characters, when the time comes, we will care about what happens to them.

As for Invasion, Bratch can find no reason to complain about a show that is doing the same thing that Lost is doing. We are no closer to finding out exactly what is going on then we did after the first episode. That sounds stupid and it is. I can except that we need a buildup. A show needs to give you many things you don’t want so you will understand more about the resolution. I get it. Some who are of lesser intelligence do not. I except that if this show does great numbers, then those writers will have to find ways to spread things so they can keep coming up with ideas, to keep the show on the air, to keep bringing in the money. It is the same thing for every hit show.

I will say this, I believe that the doctor’s body was what was found and kept in Dave’s trunk. The doctor is an alien or a hybrid now. Though who knows if we will ever find out, that is the problem with new shows. It may get cancelled before we know the whole story. That is the only thing I am worried about when it comes to Lost. I am worried that they will get everything out of the way and ready to wrap things up and then because of low ad rates or lackluster ratings they will get cancelled with no big reveal. My head would explode if that were to happen. Maybe that would be a good idea for a show.


BRATCH said...

Don't even begin to act like you figured out the numbers go to 108 and the emblem was on the shark and the candy bar and all that crap by yourself.

You got on a messege board where the real geeks were discussing and studying the shows on their DVR's. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do research after every show so that I can make my disgust turn to enjoyment 2 days after the fact.

Ask Big Kev, he agrees with me and Lost sucking it up this week. All of that flashback about Walt was cutting room floor material from last season.

I'm going to keep watching the show, don't get me wrong. I dig the story that is going on, but I can see that eventually I'll get burned out on it and just let you tell me if I should watch a particular show.

Piccu said...

You must be really scrambling if you have to use Big Kev as your backup.

my_merlin77 said...

I'm w/ Piccu on the fact that ABC just wants money. If they could get Jack to strip down and take a crap in a paper bag and set on fire rubbing two sticks together, then guess what... they'll do it every episode until people stop watching. Lost is a good show, and if they didn't provide you with only essentially 10-15 useful minutes in each epispode it would be a great show. This concept would have been an awesome 4 or five part epic movie like the lord of the rings. A dragging out money maker, if we didn't have dvr I would revert to my Alias past and wait for the season to be over and rent it.