Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mondaynight premieres

I mangaged to catch most of the premieres last night. Some impressed, some... not so much.

SURFACE-- I caught this one and have some reservations about it. For me it is a bit over the top but any sci-fi movie/show is to some extent. The story was mildly interesting and mildly entertaining. If nothing else is requiring DVR space and I have the time to watch it then I will. Unless it gets better though it's by no means a "must see."

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL-- The first episode basically lived up to it's billing for me. I was entertained and amused. I can't see the show too far into the distant future, but for what it is now it's great. There were a few hilarious scenes and the cast itself has a ton of potential to deliver the same quality week in and week out at least for a season or two.

OUT OF PRACTICE-- I am a fan of Cheers-ish type humor from way back. This show hit the nail on the head if it were attempting to approach the style. I really like the combination of people and characters they have put together. Is it true to life medicine? no. True to life Dr jerks? maybe. Pure escapism entertainment? Absolutely. I was entertained and even laughed out loud a couple of times. This one will stay on my DVR.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT-- This is my first time watching this one. I heard rave reviews last year, but my Sundays have been pretty jammed packed with work, play, and prior TV engagements. I like it's Monday slot, which has been a weak night of non-NFL TV. The show was funny, ridiculous and laugh out loud at times. The quick wit and "high brow" comedy was quite good. I reccomend it if you have yet to watch it.

I think it is important to point out that DVR has changed what kind of crap the average American will watch. I mean if you can tape something, watch at your leisure, and cut the time commitment then most of us will have a much lower threshold for watching anything. The most exciting point of this year has been the fact that reality tv has cut back a lot. Voyeurism should go back to where it belongs, where ever that is.

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